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Finding Insurance for New Homeowners

Buying a home is often the answer to your dreams, and if you happen to be at the stage where you’re ready to buy, congratulations graduate! You now have a place you can truly call “home,” and you’ve added a valuable asset to your portfolio.

Even if you haven’t started a family yet, you hopefully have bought a place large enough to give everyone their own space down the road, but you’ll also need to protect your new property with a homeowners insurance policy.

This important coverage is a requirement and lenders won’t allow buyers to “close the deal” until they secure it. The simple fact is that you probably won’t be able to afford to rebuild your home and replace everything in it if there were a disaster. Not only can your home insurance coverage protect your property, but also most of your personal possessions as well. It’s a policy that provides coverage in the event your property is destroyed or damaged by everything from fires and windstorms, to theft and vandalism, and much more.

Coverage for liability exposure

If someone, a friend, a neighbor, the postal worker, or even a complete stranger, happens to be injured while on any part of your property, with the right insurance coverage for homeowners, you’ll feel safe in knowing that, in the event of a lawsuit for a serious injury, you’re protected.

After all your hard work to make your dream come true, don’t let a lack of insurance, or even being underinsured, be a cause for heartache and misery. Make sure you purchase enough homeowners insurance to cover rebuilding your home from top to bottom.

How to find Car Insurance, Titling & Registration in Woodstock CT

As some of you readers move away from campus, vehicle titling and registration can be a complicated process with numerous documents to complete and other long and time-consuming steps. You may unfortunately become frustrated along the way, but a little research can go a long way, so you should spend the time to first find out exactly what is required and you’ll be performing the necessary steps required to complete the process in little or no time. For this example, we’ll be using Woodstock, Connecticut as an example for you all to the basic steps needed.

If you live in Connecticut, such as in Woodstock or another town, you are required to have proof of car insurance and to undergo a vehicle emissions test for many original registrations, as well as for annual registration renewals. Your renewal notice is sent annually to your last known residence, and indicates whether or not and by what date an emissions test must be completed.

However, if you do not receive a renewal reminder it is still your responsibility to have the emissions test performed on the vehicle within 30 days of the registration date. If you have questions regarding this policy, you should contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Connecticut Emissions Program at 1-888-828-8399.

Vehicles in the state require an emissions test when they are:

• Between four and 25 years old

• The vehicle is a hybrid electric

• It runs on gas, diesel or propane, or

• Has a vehicle weight rating of up to 10,000 pounds.

Registration renewals cannot be done on the phone or in person. If the registration renewal form does not come 60 days before the expiration date, you can always order one online. In the event the original title is lost, stolen, or damaged vehicle owners may apply for a duplicate vehicle title if a vehicle with a missing title cannot be bought or sold, therefore owners must apply for and obtain a replacement before they can sell their vehicle. Even with a current registration you will still need to show proof of car insurance in Woodstock CT whenever you are behind the wheel.

Why Employment Practices Liability Insurance is Crucial

Few things are more worrisome than being laid off, fired, or otherwise removed from a job. For many, a knee-jerk reaction is to file a lawsuit. While some claims are legitimate, many others are not. Fighting these claims is often a costly process for employers. The need for employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) for companies is obvious, but the best option available to you is to take steps to reduce EPLI claims before they happen.

Reasons given for filing EPLI claims

Racial discrimination is the number one complaint levied in discrimination cases. These cases account for nearly 36 percent of such suits annually. Gender-based complaints have accounted for around 30 percent of cases and disability-related complaints for 23 percent.

Transfers or departmental moves that are viewed as demotions by your employee could often lead to the filing of a claim as well. Retaliation is another common claim, cited in many EPLI cases where employees feel as though employers retaliate after accusations of discrimination or harassment have been made.

Anti-discriminatory policies can reduce exposures

Include these policies in employee handbooks, post them online, in break rooms, and teach them to all employees who work for you. By creating a corporate culture that does not tolerate discriminatory acts you take a necessary step towards its prevention. In addition to these public policies, you should also establish an auditing procedure to ensure the policies of the company are in keeping with the laws regarding workplace discrimination and harassment.

Proper documentation will reduce conflicts

It is important to document everything in order to provide a complete picture of each individual employee’s tenure at your place of business. Any reports where the employee has violated policies or otherwise committed offenses should exist as a verifiable paper trail, especially when it has resulted, either in part or entirely, in the employee’s dismissal from the company.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need the coverage that employment practices liability insurance provides. Mainly because employees who are laid off during times when jobs are scarce are more inclined to sue for wrongful termination.

Treating Patients and Stemming Potential Dentist Medical Malpractice

One thing you never learn in school is how serious you have to take interactions with clients. Malpractice is a very damaging term that gets tossed around quite a bit these days. While errors and poor judgment in the dental industry can certainly be cause for concern, claims of dentists med mal can bring ruin upon a business, both financially, and by damaging one’s reputation. An error or negligence – even miscommunication between you and the patient – can result in a lawsuit that could prove costly.

Many daily activities of dentists involve risk of pain and injury

For example, let’s say that due to your use of an improper technique, your patient experiences a painful injury and perhaps even dental damage that may end up costing them money or to see a specialist. They are likely to sue you for damages, and they may include additional compensation for pain and suffering – if they feel you didn’t provide them with the care that you should have in the first place.

The dentist-patient relationship can be very close, or it can be very adversarial, especially when the patient suffers extreme pain or discomfort following a procedure and must now find someone to blame for his or her misery. Can you be found negligent for this act? The need to prove negligence is the major reason malpractice suits last as long and cost as much to pursue as they do. Even if you weren’t negligent, you have to defend yourself, which in itself is costly.

Problem patients, improper or non-follow-up on treatments, technical errors committed by you or a member of your staff; these are a few of the situations that can greatly impact your business should a lawsuit ensue and a large settlement be brought against you. Dentists Med Mal Insurance will provide a layer of protection should a mistake or accident lead to a claim being brought against you or someone in your employ.