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Factors to Consider When Looking for a Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company

Finding the right insurance company to handle your workers’ compensation policy can help secure your company’s financial future. You want to ensure that your policy fits your business well and doesn’t add unnecessary expenses. Working with experienced workers’ compensation insurance brokers can significantly reduce the stress and complications that sometimes attend such decisions.

Deciding Points

You want a company that’s well established and accustomed to working with companies that have increased risks. One that specializes in captive solutions will be especially equipped to provide you with the policy you need. Additional points you will want to take into account include:

  • In-house underwriting control
  • Multiple A-rated carriers
  • Multi-state quotes
  • Strong risk management

The workers’ compensation insurance brokers associated with a company that possess most of the major deciding factors will be able to help you quickly select the best policy.

Don’t Underestimate Your Risks

Workers’ compensation insurance factors into your business’s overall risk. If you choose your insurance company carefully, you will have a greater chance of being able to further mitigate some of your risk. Companies that specialize in covering high-risk business generally have better options and more experienced workers’ compensation insurance brokers. Don’t leave your workers’ compensation insurance policy to chance. It directly affects your company’s bottom line, and you need to take charge of it to help ensure your business has the opportunity to enjoy financial success in the future.


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3 Things You Should Know About Flood Insurance

Even though you might not think of Connecticut as a “flood-prone” area, the truth is that flooding can happen to any home, and it will often happen at a time when you least expect it as a result of hurricanes, excessive rain or snow, or even just overflowing local rivers and storm drains. It’s important to insure your belongings and your home with the protection of Connecticut insurance that covers floods. Here are three things you should know about this type of coverage.

  1. Only Flood Insurance Protects You From Floods
    Many people mistakenly believe that their homeowners insurance policy will cover flood damage, but the truth is that you must have Connecticut insurance that specifically covers flooding or you are not protected from the severe financial damage and losses that occur as a result.
  2. Anyone Can Get Flood Insurance Protection
    Just because you don’t own your home doesn’t mean you won’t qualify for flood insurance. Renters, homeowners, condo owners, and even businesses can purchase policies that cover the building, its contents, or both. In most cases it is a very affordable type of insurance, particularly if you live in a low to moderate flood risk area.
  3. There are Different Options for Purchasing Flood Insurance
    Homeowners who live in high-risk areas can purchase Connecticut insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), but you don’t have to live in one of the 20,600 designated communities with higher risk to get flood insurance.

In areas with low to moderate risk, talk to your insurance provider about a low-cost preferred risk policy. Flood insurance is intended to protect your home, but not everyone is aware that they need to purchase it as policy separate from homeowners insurance. Protect yourself and your home by getting this type of coverage today.


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CCRC Insurance Solutions

There’s a growing need for continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) to supplement the care provided by assisted living centers and nursing homes. More Americans are expected to live well into their senior years than ever before, and they want more services to be able to live a full life. CCRCs fill a gap for the transition of older adults who need a senior housing option, but aren’t ready for a nursing home.

If you are one of the many businesses that provide this service, you need specialized CCRC Insurance tailored to your unique organization. Manage your risk and protect the individuals entrusted in your care by finding the appropriate coverage and endorsements from a company that understands your unique needs.

Your CCRC insurance specialist has the solutions for your business. In addition to providing key coverage for liability, medical abuse, and workers compensation, they will have risk management services for your business plan. As this is a vital component to the certification process, you need this information. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use the resources provided by your insurance company.

Empower your employees and volunteers to provide compassionate care to your clients with the CCRC insurance program that protects your business and your staff. Employ a comprehensive insurance plan to address your risks. Provide dignified care your community needs while covering your liability risks. Discuss your insurance requirements with a specialized agent.


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Controlling Workers Comp Costs

Many companies often feel powerless when it comes to trying to control the cost of workers compensation insurance, often referred to as workers comp. Since workers comp is a state-mandated program meaning that you are required by law to have the coverage it is often assumed by policy owners that there is nothing they can do to safely reduce the cost of this expense. However, this is not the case. In fact, there are many things you can do within your company to help reduce risk, which in turn can help lower your premium.

Start Fresh

Partnering with the right insurance carrier is an important step to reducing your risk. Your carrier can help give you many different ideas to help guide your company towards a safer, and therefore more cost-effective, workplace environment. If you have been having problems with employee injuries and rising insurance costs, take a step back and start fresh. Develop an effective loss control program from the top down and ensure all of your employees understand and abide by it. In particular, focus on your newer employees. A large percentage of workplace injuries occur fairly soon after the employee is hired. This could be for a variety of reasons, but the bottom line is that these employees need extra time and attention to ensure they understand what is expected of them. Finally, consider quarterly claims reviews to analyze events and any developing patterns.


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Who Needs Commercial Auto Insurance?

All New Jersey drivers have personal auto insurance that covers you in the event of a crash, or any sort of accident while driving your own car for personal reasons. Many business owners may not be aware though that commercial auto insurance is necessary for employees who are driving a car for business reasons. Not only does New Jersey commercial auto insurance protect the driver of the car, but it also protects the owner of the business if an employee gets in an accident.

Who Needs It?

Many New Jersey drivers and business owners may not have a full understanding of who needs commercial auto insurance. If you think you may be a good candidate for it, or if you have any questions, the best thing to do is consult with your insurance agency. The following types of businesses should definitely consider a commercial auto policy:

  • A business that carries equipment
  • A business that handles and drives hazardous materials
  • Delivery services
  • Taxi or shuttle services
  • Trucking companies

How to Obtain Commercial Auto Insurance

Talk to a knowledgeable and experienced insurance provider about your options with commercial insurance. There are many choices and it’s important to purchase a New Jersey commercial auto insurance policy that is right for your business. It will keep you, your employees and your investments safe and secure. The right insurance policy can help protect your most valuable assets, so don’t delay in making the call.


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Know the Facts on Errors and Omissions Insurance

A good insurance plan is a must in virtually every industry and profession. In addition to general liability policies, business owners should also consider implementing errors and omissions coverage for enhanced protection.

How Errors and Omissions Coverage Works

Even the most competent business owners may run into issues now and again. Whether due to momentary lapses of judgment or uncontrollable circumstances, mistakes can occur. Unfortunately, these mistakes can easily become extremely expensive lawsuits with far-reaching financial ramifications.

In this event, e&o insurance cost is well worth it when considering the damage that can occur due to allegations against your business. Even groundless allegations can entail mountains of legal debt before the issue can be resolved. With the right policies in place, your business can receive financial support when you need it most.

Every Business Can Use This Insurance

When considering e&o insurance cost, it’s good to remember that all businesses can use such comprehensive coverage. In the simplest terms, any business that provides a service to its customers or clients for a fee should have some type of errors and omissions insurance in place.

This includes high-level professions like doctors and lawyers, as well as many other pursuits. This coverage is especially important to small business owners, who may not possess the financial resources to successfully manage associated court costs.

Fortify Your Business With the Right Insurance

Maintaining a successful enterprise requires a lot of factors. Errors and omissions is a must when it comes to implementing a larger insurance plan, as these policies can be a huge relief when faced with damaging allegations regarding your business.


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Top 3 Things to Look for in an Errors and Omissions Program

Errors and Omissions programs are critical for all insurance agents. Having it can help to keep your peace of mind and your business afloat. When choosing your insurance agent errors and omissions program, there are 3 key things to look for.

1. Eligibility

Each insurers plan has different eligibility requirements. Make sure that you qualify for the coverage. Also, notice how strict the qualifications are. Having higher limits can weed out the higher risked individuals.

2. Highlights

It is important to examine what all is included in your plan. You want to weigh the offered benefits with your expectations of what will actually benefit you. Those plans with more benefits may not be the best choice if you do not need all of the benefits offered. On the other hand, you also want to be sure that the benefits offered provide adequate coverage.

3. Fine Print

Before you commit to an agreement, it is critical that you are fully aware of what you are committing to. Once you have narrowed down your options, take the time to read the fine print of the plans that you are considering.

Choosing the right insurance agent errors and omissions plan should be taken seriously, but it does not have to be complicated. Consider the eligibilities, highlights and fine print and you can confidently select the best plan for you.


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What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

Disaster planning is essential for people with homes and businesses located in areas vulnerable to flooding. Damage can happen quickly and be extensive. New Jersey flood insurance covers both property, meaning the structure and its built-in features, and personal contents, or everything inside that is portable. Here is a general list of what is covered under a typical policy:


  • Building and foundation
  • Electrical and plumbing
  • Water heaters
  • HVAC
  • Carpeting over an unfinished floor
  • Paneling, wallboard and built-in bookcases
  • Pumps
  • Awnings
  • Fire-prevention sprinkler systems

Personal Contents

  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Portable window AC units
  • Removable carpets and rugs
  • Microwave, dishwasher
  • Washer, dryer
  • Freezer
  • Non-licensed vehicles (such as a tractor)
  • Wheelchair or mobility assistance device
  • Furs and original art (up to $2,500)

Renters have access to the same amount of contents coverage as homeowners, plus they may recoup up to 10% of the cost of any improvements they may have made to the rental property.

Whats Not Covered?

Property and belongings outside the covered structure, such as decks, swimming pools or landscaping are not part of the typical policy. Preventable damage form mold and mildew is not covered. New Jersey flood insurance does not include protection for loss of business. In addition to flood insurance, a business would benefit from a business interruption policy to meet expenses until the waters have receded and life gets back to business as usual.


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Protect Your Pet, and Yourself, With Dog Bite Insurance

Dog bites are an extremely frequent occurrence, with approximately 4.7 million people bitten each year in the United States alone. In many cases, attacks can occur without warning, and may even involved normally docile and well-behaved animals.

Insurance Coverage When You Need It Most

That’s why dog bite insurance is so important to pet owners. Having a suitable policy in place before an incident occurs can save an immense amount of money and heartache in the event of an attack. In many cases, medical treatments and legal fees can skyrocket as the result of a single incident, and these expenditures may not be covered by conventional insurance.

Dog Bites Can Be Expensive for All Involved

Statistics show that forgoing dog bite insurance can be an expensive and foolish undertaking. The injuries resulting from animal attacks total more than $400 million per year, which typically rests on the owner of the animal in question. Unfortunately, such incidents can often occur without warning, whether due to your pet encountering an unknown person, or even breaking free from enclosures and the like.

The Right Protections for Your Family

Protecting your family must entail a comprehensive insurance plan. One facet of this should include dog bite insurance for pet owners, which can be extremely useful even for a single attack. With the right protections in place, you can rest assured you will be covered no matter what.


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Reaching the Appointment Setting Point

Insurance appointment setting is one of the most important resources an insurance company has at their disposal. Not only does it set the whole process in motion, having a system to keep times, dates, and clients organized is crucial. A reliable system is a great way to impress current clients and bring in new ones. However, getting to the appointment setting can be a difficult task in itself.

Any insurance salesperson knows how difficult it can be to get the attention of a potential client. For some companies, a good telemarketing service can be the right answer. A quality service is one that has been designed to bring in new customers and make it easy to follow up on a sale. The company you enlist should be able to have everything under control while also making the process totally transparent to you, the client. This means that you will stay fully appraised of all that is going on, and have all the information needed to make the best decisions for your business.

A reliable system like this makes insurance appointment setting easier and more efficient for everyone involved. Being able to not only get the attention of a new client, but hold it, is a difficult but essential part of doing business. The methods of doing so change right along with the climate they are in, and you’ve got to keep up. Take advantage of this resource and lead your business to the next level.


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