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Crane Safety and Clifton Construction Insurance

Construction in Clifton is on the rise, and naturally, for those contractors winning bids and performing the work, the plan is to practice safety at every turn so that workers, as well as the general public, do not befall any dangers during the course of the project.

A lot of heavy-duty equipment is in use, including cranes, and riggers who operate and maintain this vital equipment must do so responsibly. Contractors must also carry Clifton construction insurance to deal with matters where accidents occur and damages and injuries are the result.

Practicing riggers crane safety

For many construction sites, cranes are a critical asset because they make lifting and transporting heavy objects much simpler and easier. But there are some inherit risks with operating such heavy machinery. As stated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), crane operators must be certified in order to work on a construction site, and all construction and crane equipment must be inspected monthly.

Any employee that identifies any hazardous, unsanitary or dangerous conditions should report it to a supervisor immediately and measures must be taken to resolve the issue promptly. The standards for operating a crane and other heavy equipment should include:

  • Ground is firm and level
  • Supporting materials, including blocks, mats, and cribbing should be used
  • Tower cranes and telescopic cranes need to be able to rotate a full 360 degrees
  • Make sure there are no power lines or buildings in the path of the crane

Over 50 percent of accidents involving cranes are the result of not properly using outriggers. Contractors and crew must ensure that access roads are provided with adequate room for moving the equipment from place to place.

Ensure employee safety while walking on cranes

Injuries often occur from employees walking on and off the equipment, so employers must provide fall protection. Lattice boom cranes require employees to walk on the boom in order to install pins for assembly and/or disassembly. In addition, walking and stepping surfaces must have slip resistant features, and extra precaution should be taken in muddy areas where slips are more likely to take place.

Take added precautions during rigging

Additional safety measures must be taken when rigging a crane, otherwise serious damage and injuries can occur. Qualified riggers must perform any rigging work, should create a rigging schedule, avoid rigging above or close to areas where other work is being performed, and never exceed the maximum lifting capacity of a crane.

Clifton construction insurance will aid firms that experience any problems during the course of a construction project. Speak to a reputable agent today.

The Best Way to Insure Jewelry

People spend an enormous amount of money on jewelry annually in the US and you should make sure that you insure jewelry so that you recover the full value of the piece. If your diamond engagement ring is stolen or one of a pair of expensive earrings disappears you may, like most people, think your homeowners policy will fully protect you from the theft, damage or disappearance of valuable jewelry items.

Most insurers may not even be aware that you are intending to report a loss on an expensive pendant using a basic homeowners policy that they know does not provide coverage that is enough to fully replace these items. After all, if you don’t disclose this fact how are they supposed to know? This means you’re going to discover far too late that your jewelry isn’t adequately covered at the time that you have to make a claim.

Protecting your valuables at home or away

Insurance helps after the fact, but what are you doing to keep these valuables secure? We suggest that you don’t keep your most valuable pieces in your bedroom since it’s the first place a burglar is likely to look. One way to prevent theft is to install a home safe (with the appropriate jewelry rating) somewhere in the home, or keep valuable items in a bank vault or safe deposit box.

When traveling, always keep expensive items with you at all times, or use a convenient hotel safe, and never keep jewelry in your luggage or wear valuables to the beach or left in an unattended purse at poolside.

In the event of a total covered loss, there are policies that allow you to choose whether to repair or replace the item at the jeweler of your choice or keep the cash settlement. If you lose one item of an itemized pair or set, you can often receive the replacement cost of the entire pair or set as your settlement (up to your coverage limits), but you must then provide your insurer with the remaining piece(s) or you can choose to keep the remaining piece(s) and receive the replacement cost for the lost item only. Always insure jewelry with a separate policy that provides full protection. You’ll be glad you did.

How Insurance SEO Helps You Grow Your Business

You know how important it is to have a user-friendly website. Having a good website, however, is just the beginning. In order for potential clients to find you, your website will need search engine optimization (SEO). Working with a marketing company that specializes in SEO for insurance agents will help improve your search rankings, placing you in a prominent position where customers can easily find your website.

How SEO Works

SEO for insurance isn’t just about loading webpages with keywords. With sophisticated search engines, quality content with judicious use of search words is crucial to getting high rankings. As a good marketing company will tell you, the first step in SEO is to identify the words customers use when looking for your services. Once they have that information, they can build a plan around those keywords. Here are some of the ways an SEO expert integrates keywords into your online content.

  • Relevant information: Your website’s content should appeal to insurance customers and search engines. Using keywords in a natural way can fulfill both those purposes.
  • Backlinks: Having links from other websites to yours will help you rank in search results. Both the number and quality of links are important.
  • Website optimization: Your website should be developed with SEO in mind so search engines can read and index its pages.

Having a marketing company help you with SEO for insurance can help you improve your online presence. Developing content that both client and search engines value is a smart way to grow your business.

Reputational Damage, Lawsuits and Professional Liability Insurance

Many local insurers can provide coverage for professionals who require more than just a General Liability policy. Commonly referred to as an errors and omissions (E&O) policy, professional liability insurance covers you for errors (or omissions) that you may have made or that your client perceives you have made during the course of performing your duties.

An important aspect of this coverage is that it pays judgments, settlements and defense costs levied against you. Even when the allegations are found to be groundless, you can still end up paying thousands of dollars to defend against the lawsuit. This could easily bankrupt a smaller company or individual and is likely to have a lasting effect on the bottom line of a larger company.

Most professionals understand the need for E&O insurance

Mistakes and mishaps are a common occurrence for many businesses, but few may experience the type of financial damage that many professionals face. Those who can benefit the most from having this coverage are doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, etc. Other individuals that could find themselves embroiled in a costly lawsuit range from advertising agencies to commercial printers, Web hosting companies to wedding planners, and the list goes on.

For anyone whose primary business is providing a service to their client for a fee, they will certainly have some type of an E&O exposure. For instance, if the services you have provided are not done correctly or on time, but it then ends up costing your client money or harms their reputation, this could then result in litigation.

Even with the best employees and sound risk management practices in place, sooner or later mistakes will be made. A company in the freight forwarding business could misread a label and send a shipment to the wrong city, or Country, and because it is a time sensitive shipment and the client ends up losing out on a sale, they will expect that company to pay the loss.

Add to this the damage to the reputation for both, the professional and his client, and this could be a bad situation all around, resulting in the loss off future contracts with the current client as well as any future clients. This is the type of risk or exposure that shows why it is best to have professional liability insurance coverage at all times.

Want Long-Term Success for Your Nursing Home or CCRC? Here’s What You Need to Know

As an owner or operator of a nursing home or continuing care retirement community (or CCRC, as they are often referred), you deal with risk on a daily basis. Risk management in nursing homes and CCRCs is never simple, and the very nature of your business and the age and variable health of your clientele means you’re faced with a wide range of risks around the clock. What you may not be aware of, however, is something that has the potential to bury your business  but it might not be what you think.

The Hidden Risk You Need to Know

Simply put, people are living longer these days. Some are taking better care of their health and some are benefitting from constant improvements and innovations in modern medicine, but the fact is, people are leading longer lives. This can be difficult to account for especially in a CCRC environment, where costs are generally determined upfront based upon projections. Remember, just because people are living longer doesn’t necessarily mean they are living healthily  with a longer life span often comes additional medical costs, and many facilities find themselves providing necessary services and housing to residents even after their initial deposits have run out due to moral or ethical considerations.

What You Can Do As an Owner

First, if you run a nursing home or CCRC that collects funds upfront, you may want to devote more attention to the ways in which you evaluate the anticipated costs of future care. You should also speak with an insurance agent about risk management in nursing homes, as well as what type of protection is available.

Types of Staffing Agency Insurance

There are many different types of staffing agency insurance to consider. No matter what type of staffing company you run, there are policies available to cover you in the event of a lawsuit. There are a few key types of insurance policies available to you.

Professional Liability

Every staffing agency needs to have professional liability insurance. It covers your agency in the event that one of your contract employees causes the company they are working for any type of monetary loss. As you are liable for all of your contract workers and their actions while at work, it is important to make sure that you have the coverage necessary to compensate for any costly mistakes they may make while on the job.

Employment Practices Liability

This type of policy covers you in the event that a fired employee or rejected applicant believes they were eliminated due to any sort of prejudice. This policy is designed specifically for staffing agencies and covers both your contract employees and any in-house employees you may have. No matter what type of harassment or prejudice they may allege, you will be covered with an employment practices liability policy.

These are just a few of the policies available to you in the staffing industry. Having insurance gives you the peace of mind necessary to run your business without worrying. Get staffing agency insurance today and make sure all your bases are covered by a dedicated insurance company.

Two Great Reasons to Protect Your Business With Property Insurance

Running a business is a complicated job, and your building can be one of your biggest investments. With so much money tied up in real estate, it’s important to protect yourself against any kind of loss that could affect your bottom line. With that in mind, here are two reasons why your organization needs property insurance.


You take a lot of time to hire the right people and your firm can provide them with extensive training, but there’s always the potential for an accident. While some mishaps can involve minimal expenses to an organization, larger mistakes –especially those with heavy machinery–could result in major damage to your building. Don’t let someone’s honest mistake spell the end for your business.

Natural Disasters

Even if you’re careful to run the tightest ship in the industry, Mother Nature can always have different plans for your business. Hurricanes, tornadoes and floods can level buildings and cost millions in damages. Should your property be hit, property insurance can help to assure that you will have the money you need to get back to business again as quickly as possible.

While these are two great reasons to protect your building against damage, the list of potential threats against your business can actually be quite a bit longer. However, having adequate property insurance will help you rest easy with the knowledge that you’re covered.

What Homeowners Insurance Includes

If you own a home, protecting your investment is an important consideration. Homeowners Insurance in Buck County helps to protect not only your house, but also your precious possessions and assets. There are different levels of insurance, depending on the type of home you have, the home’s location, your lifestyle, and your budget.


No matter what size of home you have, being insured is important. Whether you own a townhouse or a huge mansion, there is coverage to protect you. Some of the information that an insurance specialist will need to know includes if you live by yourself or have a family, if you own pets, if there are multiple buildings on the property, and if you have a swimming pool.

In some households, a basic insurance plan will be sufficient. In others, additional protection may be needed to protect items of high value, such as art, antiques, or jewelry.

Protect Your Assets

Another consideration to keep in mind when it comes to homeowners insurance in Buck County is that it can also prevent your assets from being used for a liability payout. If someone gets hurt on your property and takes legal action, you could be held responsible for legal expenses and damages awarded to the injured party. The right homeowners policy would set up a level of protection so that you didn’t lose everything.

Partnering with an Aegis MGA Can Produce Results

When an insurance agent partners with the right managing general agent (MGA), they are being given the tools, along with the right strategies, allowing them to provide the best possible service to their clients, as well as having the means necessary to reach their full potential. At Aegis Insurance, an MGA can certainly be the most important contributing factor to an insurance agent’s success.

As in many other business models, expansion can be a key component to success. By following suit and moving into new lines of business or products, MGAs are helping insurance agents to diversify their own line of products and services. So, for example, if a client returns to an insurance agent for a new product and that agent is actually able to offer it to them, this becomes a means of making more money and perhaps will lead to even more business in the future.

Similarly, if an agent is working with Aegis MGA, he or she is also able to offer a variety of products and services, which will expand the customer’s portfolio with the agency. Diversification is growth that can have a substantial impact. It gives managing general agents the ability to offer flexibility to insurance agents, and by expanding their share of the market they can find their clients the best insurance products to meets their needs more effectively.

Developing a niche market for insurance agents and brokers

Developing a niche market is the ideal way to allow these agents and brokers to combine their specialized knowledge with their unique skills and business contacts to make their companies more profitable. While you surely know what niche marketing is, you may not see the benefits of such a targeted marketing practice. Many experts agree that targeted or niche marketing actually results in higher than average profit margins for most people who invest the time necessary to get the desired results.

By simply taking the time to identify a target market and launching an effective sales campaign, many agents and brokers are likely to reap the financial benefits associated with providing products for many of the underserved markets. With all this in mind, doesn’t it make sense for insurance agents to work with Aegis MGA to improve their bottom line?

Aggressive Dog Breeds

They are called “man’s best friend”, but dogs have the capability to injure and potentially kill people under certain circumstances. Some canines may become belligerent if mistreated and provoked, while others that are in-breed can be born with a predisposition to aggression. There are some breeds more prone to threatening behavior and it is probably advisable for people to avoid purchasing them. Even if you think you have a mild mannered canine, purchasing Florida pet health insurance protects you if your dog attacks someone.

Big Dogs

Big dogs are often considered the greatest threat to people due to their size and strength. Great Danes can grow to 200 pounds and be very dangerous if not properly trained. Another more hostile breed is Boxers. They are descendants of hunting dogs and sometimes trained as guard dogs.

Small Dogs

Smalls dogs should never be underestimated in their ability to harm people. Bull Terriers are and very strong and tenacious. Even if they don’t appear combative, Bull Terriers can be very aggressive towards strangers. Cocker Spaniels that are not well-socialized when young can be dangerous and have a tendency to be overly protective of their territory and owners.

Dogs can make wonderful pets, but even seemingly gentle ones can be unpredictable. Avoiding breeds that are known for their aggressive behavior can be wise. Owning Florida pet health insurance can safeguard owners from dog bite liabilities.