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Where to Find Parts for Your Classic Car

Car repairs can be stressful under normal circumstances. If your car is a classic, there is more at stake than whether it will be operational when repairs are completed. You want to maintain your car’s value and the integrity of its restoration. If you carry classic collector insurance for your vehicle, your coverage probably includes provisions for the use of appropriate parts –┬ábut what if those parts aren’t readily available?

Go Where the Cars Are

The equipment you need isn’t exactly kept in inventory at the average body shop or garage, and can’t be easily ordered there either. You’ll have to do some digging to find just the right parts. One obvious place to look is where other vehicles like yours can be found –┬áthe salvage yard, or what is sometimes referred to as the junkyard. You will find a lot more than junk here. Like mechanical organ donors, the cars that rest on these lots often contain elements that can be reclaimed and give new life to your restored automobile.

Just a Click Away

Your local salvage yard may not be able to readily find exactly what you need, but it is likely to have access to one of two databases maintained by networks of salvage yards across the country. If the item you’re looking for is available anywhere, one of these systems should be able to locate it. Once you’ve found it, you only need to determine whether the cost with shipping, handling, or other fees is worth the benefit of having exactly what you’re looking for.

Be sure to purchase classic collector insurance for your vehicle to ensure that you’ll be able to fix it to your specifications. With just a little internet detective work, you can find the perfect match for your car’s repair needs.

How a Medicare Supplement Policy Can Benefit You

If you’re over the age of 65 and have traditional Medicare coverage, you may not know that there are significant medical expenses that aren’t covered under your existing plan. This is where a supplemental policy can help. By purchasing this type of additional coverage, you’re protecting yourself from unforeseen medical expenses that can quickly add up. One great plan option is an Omaha Insurance Company Medicare Supplement, which can give you peace of mind from knowing that you’ll have extra help with your healthcare costs.

What Does a Supplemental Policy Cover?

  • Traditional Medicare Part A and B covers the following:
  • Inpatient hospital stays
  • Skilled nursing care
  • Hospice care
  • Some home healthcare services and outpatient care
  • Certain medical supplies and preventive services

However, traditional Medicare plans don’t entirely cover each of these services. First, you’ll have to pay a deductible before Medicare coverage begins. After you’ve met your deductible, you’ll be responsible for coinsurance and copays. For example, you may have to pay 20% of your stay in a hospital or nursing facility on top of your deductible. In addition, you’ll be responsible for other costs such as prescription drugs.

With an Omaha insurance Company Medicare supplement, you’ll have help covering these types of costs that aren’t covered with your traditional Medicare plan. When you’re in need of healthcare, the last thing you need to worry about is the financial burden that result from inadequate insurance coverage.

Why Public Companies Need Directors and Officers Coverage

Senior leadership have a great deal of issues competing for their attention: everything from the basics such as improving profitability in a challenging economy, succession planning, attracting and retaining quality employees, and reducing costs of doing business, to newer issues such as encouraging inclusion and diversity in the office, embracing ecology-friendly measures such as going paperless and reducing reliance on chemicals or excess packaging, and more. Add to this the ever-increasing liability risk in a marketplace in which directors and officers for public companies must contend with closer scrutiny and new exposures every day and you’re facing a maelstrom of critical decisions at every turn.

Sometimes the leaders need a leader

The good news is that from a risk management standpoint, leadership can themselves seek guidance from a professional insurance agent, who has the kind of expertise and experience to help them navigate the landscape with a comprehensive package of coverage that addresses the need for protection as well as affordability. Expert advice is essential here, as this important and complex policy is no “do it yourself” kind of purchase. The idea that the company’s leaders could be held personally liable for damages and expenses in the event of a lawsuit, resulting in crippling financial loss-and half of all claims made against directors and officers of public companies are made by their shareholders-actually has an increasing number of savvy executives these days making such coverage a condition of their employment.

The policy offers protection for these executives in the event they are accused of wrongful conduct in the course of doing business, paying for the often substantial costs for legal defense, investigation, negotiation, and settlement. Many policies for public companies today often include protection for the company itself, and others such as non-executive directors and managers may be covered.

Turn to an expert to navigate this complex coverage

To learn more about the specifics of directors and officers insurance for public companies and how best it can be applied to the exposures that your leadership and company face, contact your professional insurance agent today. He or she will be glad to tailor a comprehensive plan expressly for your organization.

Temporary Staffing Insurance is a Key Element to Success

If you are currently the owner/operator of a staffing agency, chances are that if you don’t already have temporary staffing insurance, then you’re probably looking at coverage options for your PEO, recruitment agency or employment agency, since you know all too well the importance of having policies in place to protect your interests and the interests of the company.

The tasks of a Human Resources department are becoming increasingly complicated and there are many issues that need to be addressed on an ongoing basis. Administrative burdens and compliance work related to being an employer, while a necessary component of the job, simply do not add any value to the business you’re running. You need to have access to programs that will simplify running your business, while helping to enhance profits for the staffing industry.

Programs designed to free you up to develop growth, profits

Certain functions are necessary in the daily operations of any business model. However, they often mean dividing your time between being compliant, and becoming profitable. When you’re relieved from having to deal with the business end of running your company, you become free to focus on its core function of expansion and goals. After all, your clients can quite easily enlist the aid of another staffing firm if you can’t provide the services they need in a timely manner.

Profit and efficiency are secured by outsourcing many of the cumbersome details of the company’s daily operations to professionals trained to deal with many of these pressing issues. Once that is taken care of, the time is ripe to focus on hiring, and monitoring recruits on their capabilities, ensuring that your customers are receiving quality, experienced candidates able to fill any voids at their companies and keep them on track.

Insurance for the staffing industry

Take note of some important, and necessary coverage options related to running a staffing agency, which includes:

  • PEO Workers Compensation
  • Group Health Insurance Staffing
  • Captive programs
  • Liability
  • Employment Practices
  • Risk management & safety
  • Comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Drug-free workplace
  • Risk management and safety inspections
  • Employee benefits, and
  • Voluntary (supplemental) products

Running a staffing agency should be a rewarding experience. After all, you’re helping individuals secure work, and companies meet deadlines. Temporary staffing insurance is a key element to maintaining your level of success.

Cheap Car Insurance in CT Offers Valuable Protection

It’s important that you have a valid drivers license and auto insurance each and every time you get behind the wheel of a car. For younger drivers, the cost of car insurance may often act as a deterrent, but there are carriers that sell cheap car insurance in ct that will ensure that you have at least the minimum requirement of coverage, and can legally be on the road.

What happens when you are involved in an accident?

Traffic accidents are an unfortunate part of life, and though you’re protected with an auto insurance policy, you may still have concerns about what’s going to happen to your insurance rates after you file the required claim. You’re probably worried that your rates will go up, and if so, what that amount will be, or whether or not you’ll you be canceled altogether.

There are no simple answers to these questions because the process of establishing auto insurance premiums can be very complex, and each accident is analyzed using many variables, including fault, history of accidents, moving violations and number of auto insurance claims, as well as age, type of car, and other factors.

In the event that the accident is not your fault, or if it’s the first time in which you’ve been involved in an accident (and your driving history is free of moving violations and/or insurance claims), you may not experience any premium increase. If the accident is your fault, and results in property damage only, chances are good that you won’t lose your good driver discount, but it may trigger an increase in your premium. If you’re at fault and someone is injured you’ll most likely lose your good driver discount, as well as see a premium increase in the 20-25 percent range.

Non-renewal & cancellation policy

Many insurance companies may also decide not to renew your policy if your driving record gets considerably worse or you have several auto accident claims. Different insurers look at what constitutes an unacceptable driving record differently, but there are a few incidents, such as accidents caused by drunk driving, that will in all likelihood trigger a non-renewal from virtually every insurance company. The bottom line is, always have a policy in place, and even cheap car insurance in ct will protect your automobile better than no car insurance!

Helping Seniors Take to the Pool Safely

The summer months are upon us, and it presents an opportune time for residents of retirement homes to flock to the outdoor swimming pool for some exercise and recreation. However, while swimming is considered one of the most effective and beneficial types of physical exercise that seniors can engage in, providing a low-impact way to move the body without putting undue stress on aging joints while improving flexibility, it also requires a high level of observation in order to ensure the safety of the swimmers-as much oversight as one would give to children. The professionals at Caitlin Morgan Insurance have programs that can cover the retirement home for the good work it does; likewise they can offer risk management information that can aid these facilities in offering recreational activities with an eye to safety, too.

Why swimming is so good for the senior body

This activity benefits young and old alike, but seniors can really be invigorated by this form of aerobic exercise. Just thirty minutes of exercise a day can help build up heart-healthy aerobic capacity, increase muscle size and strength and reduce fat; even those who cannot actually swim can benefit by simply walking, dancing, or kicking in the water, which has twelve times the density of air-thus allowing folks to activate all of the large muscles of the body at the same time. The increased resistance helps build muscle strength without putting undue stress on bones and joints. Also, residents can safely practice balance exercises in the water without the danger of falling down. And the social aspect of swimming can be a tonic in and of itself-getting people out of their rooms and interacting with each other is good from a physical, mental and emotional standpoint.

Safety at the pool

  • Ensure seniors are accompanied by one or more vigilant caregivers (who can swim and know CPR) when using the pool-no solo swimming should ever be allowed
  • Have a sturdy pool rail next to the steps to aid getting in and out of the pool
  • Consider adding an ADA pool lift to further ease disabled seniors’ entry and exit from the water
  • Keep the pool area free of any obstacles or items that could cause someone to trip and fall (e.g., extension cords should be tucked out of the way, carpeting should be tacked down)
  • Install nonslip treads on the pool stairs to provide additional traction

Talk to the team of professionals at Caitlin Morgan Insurance, who have the expertise and experience to guide you in selecting the best coverage for your facility.

Co-Employment and Staffing Agency Insurance Issues

Co-employment occurs when there is a relationship between two or more employers in which each has actual or potential legal rights and duties with respect to the same employee. Temporary staffing agencies, because they outsource workers to client companies, are a prime example of this. In a single employer/employee relationship, the employer of record bears certain responsibilities to its employees.

In many co-employment situations, these responsibilities may be shared. Because co-employment is inherent in the staffing firm/client relationship, and since both have sufficient contact with an assigned employee, each company will basically be viewed as an employer. In this type of relationship the staffing firm is viewed as the “primary employer” and bears most of the responsibility for the employee. Therefore they require staffing agency insurance coverage as a way of meeting many of these obligations.

The staffing company has certain responsibilities, including:

  • Paying wages, overtime pay and withholding taxes
  • Providing worker’s compensation
  • Benefit and pension plans
  • Ensuring civil rights compliance
  • Appropriate labor/management relations
  • Providing a safe work site
  • Has the right to hire and fire, and
  • Hears and acts on complaints from the employee about working conditions

The client, on the other hand, supervises and directs day-to-day work, controls working conditions at the work site, ensures a safe work site, including civil rights compliance by employees, and determines the length of the assignment.

Some common co-employment issues

Co-employment issues arise when the client company extends its control beyond the staffing firm/client division of tasks and takes on the role of the primary employer, as specified in the “common law” test. The IRS and many state statutes use the “20-factor” or the “common law” test, a checklist of 20 criteria, to identify the degrees of behavioral and financial control a company has over an individual to determine employment status. If a contractor meets the majority of the criteria in the common law test and the client is found to be the primary employer, the contractor becomes their “common law employee” and the client will bear greater liability for that contractor. Co-employment is essential to the continued existence of the temporary staffing agency model. Staffing insurance protects these companies, as well as the people they hire to do contract work.

5 Important Steps in Insurance Agency Marketing

While online marketing can be a bit more budget friendly, maintaining a successful presence on the Web can quickly add up. Here are some ways in which insurance agency marketing online can be accomplished on a limited budget.

Familiarize yourself with your audience

You really need to figure out who your audience is in order to be successful in any marketing campaign. It generally works better if you are targeting a specific geographic area. You also need to know what type of people reside in the area: new families or retirees, homeowners or renters? Identify online marketing channels to focus on, for example Facebook, Twitter, or email and ask your customers about their communication preferences.

Set realistic goals and modify as needed

Focus on what you want to accomplish with your online marketing: more awareness, perhaps, or more leads and sales? It’s easier to track success by setting a few goals. Once you reach your first set of goals, modify them so that your agency is constantly striving for improvement.

Establish a reasonable budget

Making a marketing budget and identifying how much you want to spend is a very sensible approach. Your budget should include a website (don’t forget about maintenance and content updates), search engine optimization, email marketing and social media. Marketing does requires continuous attention and effort, so if your budget is limited, identify those areas that you can reasonably handle on your own and hire experts to help with the rest.

Identifying your brand is vital

Identifying your brand will help direct you in your branding, including how your website looks and what you should share on social media. For instance, what makes your agency different and why would someone choose your agency over the competition? Is your agency viewed as more professional or is it laid back? How do your current customers view your agency? Once your brand is established, remain consistent and stick to your company brand values.

Optimize for the search engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential step in any insurance agency marketing plan, as a way of getting your website found. Just because your website is beautifully designed, does not mean leads will come. You have to help them find your website and SEO is how you do it.

Several Advantages to Purchasing a BOP

A Business Owners Policy is unique in that it accounts for a combination of coverages in one convenient package for many interested small and mid-sized businesses. Also commonly referred to as a BOP, this insurance is very popular, mainly because it is cost efficient, made even more so by agents who use a sophisticated rating system that can help determine the best products at an affordable cost.

Key Features of BOP Insurance

Having the capability to bundle property and liability coverage into one package that provides the most basic protection for a business is a huge benefit for most business owners. Some of the main features and benefits of the policy includes General liability protection (which defends your business against claims of bodily injury involving non-employees, medical fees associated with resulting injuries, and accidental damage to others’ property regardless of fault).

In addition, the equipment coverage portion of the policy protects all of your business furniture, gear and supplies at multiple office locations, making it easier to protect your inventory

This policy is purchased by many different business entities, including IT/technology consultants, marketing consultants, and business or management consultants, along with recruiters, PR specialists, graphic designers, photographers, interior designers and other types of service professionals.

A Business Owners Policy can also be used by companies that rent or lease equipment or furniture. It can also help protect personal property belonging to others whenever you’re liable for its loss or damage while it is in your care, custody and control.

Additional Coverage Options

There are some specific coverages that can also help protect you from out-of-pocket costs you could incur if, for example, your business is temporarily forced to close due to a covered loss. By having business interruption protection as a part of your bundled policy, if a covered disaster (like theft, fire, etc.) hampers the successful operation of your business, your loss of income will be covered.

Depending on your business, it can also include the added expense of temporarily having to operate out of another location. You might also want to consider crime coverage (which generally ranges from $1,000 to $5,000) and can often be included in your BOP, which can help cover some of the costs resulting from employee dishonesty, computer fraud, and other exposures. Speak to an agent about any questions or concerns related to this product.

Tips and Tools for Insurance Search Engine Marketing

No sound insurance search engine marketing plan for your website is complete without devoting some time to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a tactic that nearly everyone uses in an attempt to generate more traffic to their site. Simply put, SEO is the one sure way of pointing to your insurance agency website so it ranks highly with search providers like Yahoo and Google.

While there are numerous other traffic generation techniques capable of putting insurance agents in control of costs and results, both Google and Yahoo are proven to boost rankings. Many agencies make note that Google and Yahoo regularly change their relevance scoring, and the competition for keywords is extremely high, plus you will likely end up competing with many of the giants in the industry, with their big budgets and television and radio campaigns. But in spite of that, there are still a number of inexpensive, fundamental SEO tactics that may do the trick for your agency.

Balancing website design and SEO

It is important to understand that web page design is two-tiered; while your pages need to be designed with visitors in mind, taking into account that different people go about the process of looking for information in different ways, at the same time, your web pages must also appeal to the “bots” deployed by the search engines to index your site and determine relevance to any specific keyword searches being used. In other words, people and machines will see the same page entirely differently, so this must be considered when designing your website.

The importance of having a good Landing Page

A Landing Page is often linked to from social media, email campaigns or search engine-marketing campaigns in order to enhance the effectiveness of the advertisements. In short it is a specially designed page for one idea, service, or product. Landing Pages are most commonly thought of in the context of paid search, using Pay Per Click (PPC). In a paid search campaign, you’re invited to bid on, and pay for key words, which are then used to boost your rankings.

SEO and a landing page are both instrumental in your insurance search engine marketing plan. Utilizing these tools can effectively increase visitors to your website and this could increase the potential to make solid contacts and add more sales revenue.