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Different Kinds of Insurance for Nursing Homes

Assisted living facilities can face a number of different challenges, which is why its so important to have quality insurance for nursing homes. There are many different types of insurance which can be crafted into a custom policy that protects management, workers, and residents.

Property Coverage

First of all, property insurance helps pay for the repairs or replacement of equipment, facilities, or other property in case of damage. Automobile insurance is one type of property coverage that is especially important for nursing homes, which may own private passenger vehicles or transport vans. This type of insurance can also help reimburse the facility in case of a business interruption.

Liability Insurance

Liability coverage is another important form of insurance, which can protect a nursing home and its employees in case of a lawsuit. Upset relatives and residents can sue over almost any issue, whether its grounded or not. Professional, general, and excess liability insurance can help pay for legal fees, no matter how the case is decided.

Other Types

Other forms of insurance that are important to have include coverage for a nursing homes barbers and beauticians, as well as crime insurance. Workers compensation is required by law in most cases, too.

Insurance for nursing homes comes in a lot of different forms, and its important to have a comprehensive plan to protect your facility. Your carrier should be able to create a custom coverage plan to keep your nursing home safe.

Success and the Insurance Marketing Plan

In every type of business there is a need to formulate a plan for becoming successful. In the insurance business, competition is fierce and without a solid insurance marketing plan it can be extremely difficult to garner, and retain, a solid client base. Above all else, it helps if your company is dedicated to providing insurance products that provide quality protection, along with valued pricing.

It is vital to establish a successful partnership with your clients, as well as your staff members, and of course the insurance companies, in a way that respect the interests and goals of each and every party. Your success can be measured by the clients that choose to do business with your company. This is because it demonstrates their belief in your ability to meet, or exceed their expectations of service and expertise.

Keys to a successful insurance marketing plan

It is important to demonstrate to prospective clients that you will deliver on your promises and give them products tailored to fit their needs. In addition, having a knowledgeable, friendly staff that can empathize with your consumers’ needs and circumstances, especially in handling a loss, goes a long way in building trust. You need to ensure that you will provide policies and endorsements delivered on time with minimal errors to the best of your ability.

Another thing that most clients have come to expect is a commitment to an annual insurance review to discuss if their needs have changed, or if there are other products that will give them the comfort they require and deserve. A simple phone call is more than most direct mass marketers offer and this type of personal contact and service can be one of the cornerstones to your success.

One of the strengths of many successful agencies is their commitment to having good communication between their brokers and clients to ensure that proper amounts of coverage is in place at all times. Being underinsured when a disaster strikes can cause financial turmoil, and no one wishes that on his or her clients. Clients have become better informed about insurance, and that translates into an increase in clients wishing for more in-depth discussions about their policy coverage and how they can get the most value for their insurance dollar. This is another example of your insurance marketing plan at work.

Employment Practices Liability Issues for Temp Staffers

Two of the greatest exposures to temp staffing companies, after workers compensation insurance claims, are errors & omissions concerns and employment practices liability (EPL) issues. Injuries, mistakes and other costly errors, and harassment or discrimination claims are a nightmare for any company and temp agencies have more than their fair share of concerns.

For example, a temp agency fills an order for a certified forklift driver and that driver ends up having an accident where the client company learns that the temporary worker is not certified after all. The errors & omissions insurance will respond to the claim due to the agencies error in placing the employees and not verifying the certification.

On the other hand, employment practices liability protects employers against claims by employees alleging discrimination, among other claims. For instance the policy would respond to a claim based on sexual harassment, race or age discrimination, or a disability claim by the employee. Temp staffing agencies have a greater exposure due to not having control & custody of their employees and a properly constructed policy would also offer 3rd party coverage for placed employees.

In many cases, employees or candidates that have not actually been harmed in anyway, simply decide to file a questionable or fraudulent claim for any number of reasons:

  • They were not hired after failing the interview process
  • They were overlooked for a position they felt they were qualified for
  • They believe a slanderous statement was made against them by their employer or another worker
  • They feel that they were exposed to inappropriate language or suggestive photos
  • They feel that they were discriminated against or harassed in any way

Unfortunately, lawsuits might arise in the course of employing staff, for any of the reasons listed above, as well as for false imprisonment, breach of contract, emotional distress, and wage and hour law violations. Defending claims can be a difficult process, not to mention costly and time-consuming. Setting guidelines, and informing everyone via an employee handbook, as well as orientation meetings, can help to accomplish avoiding employment practices liability issues, so that proper conduct is observed by all workers.

Safe Driving can Reduce CT Car Insurance Quotes

One of the greatest dangers whenever a person gets behind the wheel of an automobile is having inadequate driving skills. Safe driving skills are not only easy to learn, but can also help in reducing CT car insurance quotes. Learning a few key defensive driving skills is the best way to ensure that, when a hazardous situation arises, you’ll be better prepared to avoid being involved in an accident.

By following a few simple driving rules, a motorist can quite easily avoid both accidents and traffic fines. More importantly, these defensive driving techniques can often end up saving lives. For example, keep your eyes constantly moving. Too many drivers develop a habit of staring at a point on the road not far in front of them, while others stare at the line between lanes.

In both cases they have a tendency to brake suddenly as they become startled by what they perceive as dangerous situations at the last moment. By keeping your eyes constantly moving up and down the road you’ll be better at noticing your surroundings more adequately and can also react more responsively in the event that a dangerous situation presents itself.

Ways to reduce the chances of an accident

Always make use of side and rear view mirrors since you should always know what is happening behind the vehicle as well as to the sides of the car. Being more aware of potential dangers means that there’ll be little or no surprises. Improper lane changes are one of the most frequent causes of serious accidents and also, many drivers may be tired after a long day of activity or are simply anxious to get home and may therefore be rushing too quickly. Knowing this can often help you to avoid an accident.

One way that you can speed up your reaction time is by moving your right foot off of the accelerator in order to be ready to brake at a moments notice. Doing so can help prevent rear end collisions, or at least make them less serious. Also, if your vehicle is going slower than other traffic this sets up many opportunities for collisions on high-speed freeways and highways. If a more relaxed driving pace is desired, it’s always a good idea to use another type of roadway.

Common sense and the task of providing your full attention to driving can go a long way in accident prevention. Having no accidents on your record also means lower CT car insurance quotes!

Workers Comp Concerns and Papers Distributors Insurance

There are a number of companies that wholesale business products, and this includes office supply companies, to various clients including restaurants, convenience stores and restaurants, to name a few. Owners have to be concerned with several exposures and risks that could result in injuries involving the operation of their equipment by their employees, as well as operating or moving heavy equipment in the manufacturing of their paper products. They need to have Papers distributors insurance, in the form of a workers compensation policy, which will address issues having to do with on-the-job accidents.

Your company keeps other companies up and running

Your office product supplies company has a lot on their hands when it comes to servicing these important industries on a daily basis. Businesses around the country have come to count on paper distribution outlets to keep their operations well stocked and prepared for the types of issues that they often face. This merely stresses the importance that your business works to reduce its own risks by creating a safe work environment for its staff.

Regardless of how safety conscious you might be (which includes being well prepared and ready to handle the dangers associated with your type of business), there will always be some issues that comes along that simply can’t be prevented. Your employees are the backbone of your company and when they are well rested, in good physical shape, and working as a team, things will always run that much smoother.

Those businesses that can benefit most from these workers’ compensation services include office product suppliers, stationery retailers, and papers distributors, along with telecommunication installation companies and computer systems dealers. Partner with an agency that can connect you with some of the top providers ready to provide you with competitive quotes.

Don’t ignore the real possibility that, on any given day, an employee rushing to fill an order may neglect using proper safety procedures, since this is a scenario where an accident is most likely to occur. After all, workplace injuries can result in long term workers compensation claims, which can also affect employee retention, and can even lead to costly lawsuits. For example, if a worker is injured on the job and doesn’t feel that the company is responding properly to his or her issues, the injured party could decide to sue.

Speak to an agent to find out more detailed information on the Papers distributors insurance policies specific to your business model.


The Importance of Having Fiduciary Liability Insurance

Everyone that sells insurance usually has a strategy or plan for bringing in new customers as well as retaining the customer base they have built throughout the years. There are literally thousands of techniques and insurance marketing ideas available, some are newer, many are older, tried and true methods, and every agency has to decide what works best for them.

There aren’t really any bad ideas, but creation, formulation, and execution are the difference makers. The idea is to play to your strengths while not being afraid to think outside the box.

Some useful insurance agency marketing ideas

A good place to start is to determine exactly who is in your ideal client pool. Some agencies are most interested in young families; others may target high-risk drivers or high net worth individuals. Defining who is your audience is one of the keys to success. You should approach a segment of the market for which you have the right products to fit their needs, and at a competitive rate. Then you need to figure out where you can find large groups of these people, whether it is through social media or community outreach.

Obviously, social media is an important part of insurance agency marketing ideas and strategies since so many participate in this on a routine, or even daily basis. You really need to have a professional insurance agency Facebook page and develop a strong online presence. Clients want to be able to reach you in the methods they use most often.

If you haven’t done so already (and really, who hasn’t?), then create a website that focuses on generating quotes, as opposed to just having a branded site from your company. Make sure your site has a blog and that you are posting on it on a regular or semi-regular basis, perhaps twice a month. This helps to improve your Google ranking and also shows that you’re an insurance expert that can offer quality advice.

Create a process for following up with all quote prospects in less than 24 hours and make sure to teach your staff to do the same. Following up with every client after a claim report is equally important. Being their advocate and making sure that they’re getting the expected level of service during the claims process helps build long-term loyalty.

The Importance of Having Fiduciary Liability Insurance

Fiduciary status is based on the functions performed for the company’s plan. A fiduciary is anyone who exercises discretionary authority over plan assets, which includes having control over plan management, or having authority over administration. For example, an officer of a company could be considered a fiduciary by reason of the fact that he or she signed a benefits check distributed to personnel. In fact, anyone having anything to do with pension, savings, profit sharing, employee benefit, and health/welfare plans is liable to the beneficiaries for any breach of their fiduciary duties.

One of the main duties of a fiduciary is that he/she must discharge his or her duties with regard to the plan (solely in the interests of the plan participants) for the purpose of providing benefits to plan participants and their beneficiaries. Failure to carry out any one of the duties identified by ERISA can result in liability. Plan participants, beneficiaries, healthcare providers, and the government can hold fiduciaries liable for failing to exercise prudence in selecting plan vendors or investment options.

Fiduciary status includes some pertinent risks

Common risks for fiduciaries include being accused of failing to diversify plan assets, selecting more expensive plan options, and failing to follow the terms of the plan documents. Beyond traditional ERISA exposures, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has added another level of exposures for fiduciaries; Section 1514 requires large employers to report whether full-time employees are offered minimum essential health insurance coverage or face a $100 per person penalty.

Agents can add tremendous value for customers with this exposure by helping them understand the penalties that are assessed under these acts in the event of a claim for breach of fiduciary duty. Given the myriad of duties it imposes, the establishment of personal liability for those serving as fiduciaries, and the overall complexity of ERISA, going without insurance can certainly be a risk not worth taking.

That is why it’s so important for agents to take the time to fully educate clients about the risks that are at stake. If somewhere down the line things go wrong, clients will be thankful agents assisted them in procuring fiduciary liability insurance, which goes a long ways towards helping them to protect their bottom line.