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How Workers Compensation Insurance Companies in Florida Should Protect Employees

Make sure that you discuss the following coverage options with workers compensation insurance companies in Florida to make sure that you get the best coverage available. Your policy should cover your employees in the event of a workplace injury or illness for any of the following circumstances.

Lost Wages Due to Inability to Work

Workers compensation insurance policies should cover an employees’ lost wages when they are unable to work. No matter the severity of the injury, employees need to be able to seek medical care. While they are being treated, your workers compensation insurance will help them maintain the same stream of income they had before the accident.

Medical Expenses Incurred

Of course, a good workers compensation policy should cover all medical expenses that were incurred as a result of the accident. Employees should remember to keep a record of all receipts and invoices they receive for payments made for medical treatment.

Permanent Disability

There are unfortunately times when an accident that occurs at work causes permanent disability. In this case, a workers compensation policy should give the employee at least as much as it costs to bring him or her back to as close a life to what they were experiencing previously.
As a business owner and as an employer, one of your responsibilities should be to provide your employees with adequate workers compensation insurance. As you shop around workers compensation insurance companies in Florida for a new policy, make sure to find out whether the policy sufficiently protects you from liability and your employees from further injury.

Why Construction Management Firms Need a Construction Management Plan

While it may seem that a construction management plan is overprotection, the opposite could not be truer. A construction management firm is often the one body that interacts with contractors, engineers, architects and other professionals on behalf of the owner. Professional liability issues are often at the forefront of those relationships.

Benefits of a Plan

When you implement a construction management plan, you can count on the following benefits:

  • Protection against an individual or company that does not perform an accurate job.
  • A program that is specifically designed with your particular firm in mind.
  • Coverage for errors or omissions, negligent acts or other third-party claims.
  • Coverage that typically expands through the nation, and often the world.

Of course, every plan is not equal, and it is important that you speak with your insurance agent to truly outline a plan that will work the best for you. Depending on the types of sub-consultants, engineers and other professionals that you deal with, you may be approved for a different amount of coverage than another.

Getting Started

To find out what coverage you qualify for, and what you can include in your construction management plan, contact your insurance company today. Making sure that you and your firm are protected in case of a claim is one of the most important steps you can make.

Live Music Venues and Hospitality Insurance Programs

There are many things to consider when operating a venue designed for having musicians play music live on stage. When alcohol is being consumed there is generally an age restriction on who can and cannot attend these shows. If everyone is over 18, the concerns about underage drinking and minor liability increases substantially. Generally, having a higher age restriction lowers any liability; if the people attending the show are all above the age of 21, this lessens concerns about underage drinking.

The consequences can be devastating to a proprietor

But there are serious risks and penalties involved when there is a possibility of serving alcohol to a minor, even unintentionally. This doesn’t even require that you or a member of your staff actually have to service the minor. If, for whatever reason, a minor is found on the premises, in possession of alcohol (even if it’s given to him or her by a friend), as the owner you could be held liable. There are hospitality insurance programs designed to help you deal with issues of this nature.

The penalties related to offenses of this nature often arise from a compliance check conducted by local police, or the state liquor licensing authority. Some venues end up being cited for underage drinking secondary to an inciting act (for example, alcohol poisoning, fighting, etc.) where police are called in and a violation is discovered later on in the process.

Administering safety procedures

One way to help lessen your exposure is by having a thorough check of identification at the door, as well as at the bar. If the show is intended for those 21 and over, no one underage should be allowed admittance.

If your show is being attended by those 18 and up, make sure to supply custom wristbands for everyone over 21 years of age. Also you should have a strict policy on the types of identification allowed at your venue. The safest way to do this is to only allow passports or a valid license from the state you are in.

Have your security team wear uniforms clearly identifying them as security. Have them constantly patrolling, looking for underage drinking and any signs that patrons have been over served. Make sure anyone deemed intoxicated is safely escorted out of the building and tended to as needed. Hospitality insurance programs are designed to lower your risk factor, but this is provided you take the steps to reduce exposures to fines and penalties.

CT Car Insurance and Adjusting to Driving Conditions

Driving is one of those privileges that many people take too lightly. After all, a serious collision could change your life forever, not to mention the lives of others that may be affected by your actions or mistakes. Different situations require different driving habits. Driving on highways, as opposed to driving along roads and streets. Dry weather versus inclement weather, or day versus night.

Whenever and wherever you drive it is important that you obey laws, observe conditions and respond properly, and always carry CT car insurance for those times when accidents do occur.

Highways pose a threat due to increased speeds

Travelling on highways, where improper lane changes are one of the most frequent causes of serious accidents, should always be done when you are alert and not dealing with distractions of any kind (this obviously is true whenever you a driving an automobile). Always leave space between you and the car in front of you so that, if for any reason they suddenly brake, you’ll have enough distance to avoid a rear-end collision. Also, a vehicle going slower than other traffic sets up too many opportunities for collisions on high-speed highways.

If you were to stand on an overpass and observe cars travelling along a highway for five minutes or so, you would likely see many infractions and dangerous maneuvers. How often are you on that highway, either experiencing what you’re seeing or contributing to the chaos going on before your eyes? This is why safe driving techniques are so important to learn and utilize.

Twilight is a time when many accidents occur

Drivers are often tired after a long day of activity. Some that are anxious to get home may even be rushing too quickly. Help these people to both see you and avoid you by turning your headlights on, even if it is still bright out. Being among the last to turn off lights in the morning and among the first to turn them on in the evening helps other drivers recognize that there are others on the road as well.

Do what you can to prevent collisions by practicing safe driving habits, always carry CT car insurance for full protection, and be courteous to each and every motorists you come across.

Staffing Agency Insurance Concerns for A Variety of Firms

Temporary staffing agencies have some very unique concerns when it comes to buying insurance. Dependent upon your particular type of staffing agency, workers compensation and/or professional liability may end up being some of your largest expenses as well as some of the largest exposures you’ll have to contend with. Staffing agencies come in different sizes, and vary much more than most other types of businesses.

The staffing agency insurance needs will greatly differ for those that staff office workers, as opposed to those that staff professionals such as lawyers or doctors. Still, other agencies that staff manufacturing companies, construction sites, and sawmills, all have their own exposures and risks to consider. This is why working with someone having the resources and expertise to properly advise you on how to insure your staffing agency and protect your investment is so vital.

Workers comp and professional liability

Most everyone understands how necessary workers comp insurance is and the absolute need for it. Remember that not only does workers comp protect the employee; it also protects your staffing firm from litigation. Be sure to obtain workers compensation insurance from a qualified, highly rated insurance company with a program specifically for staffing firms.

For those with professional liability concerns, your exposure is likely to be much higher than those companies that staff blue collar positions. However, it can be just as costly dealing with claims concerning workers who damage property or cause injuries to others while operating a forklift, for example.

The fact that you are providing a professional service and it results in an act of negligence on your part or your employee’s part in any way may unfortunately not be covered under your general liability insurance policy.

Consider the ramifications of not having a professional liability policy as part of your staffing agency insurance program. This creates a great deal of risk regarding all the assets of your business (bank accounts, physical assets) whenever you send one of your employees out to do a job. You could potentially stand to lose those assets that you have worked so hard to build up if one of your employees is responsible for a professional liability claim.

Why You Need Errors and Omissions Insurance for Real Estate Agents

Most real estate agents carry errors and omissions insurance for real estate agents, because they know all too well that clients may become dissatisfied with the work they perform. Real estate is a tricky business, and agents are not always privy to some of the little problems that can become huge issues when selling homes or other properties.

As a real estate agent, you work hard to protect your firm, your reputation and your bottom line from the various liability risks that you constantly are faced with. Real estate transactions can be quite complex, and even when a deal seemingly goes well, you may ultimately face challenges that could result from allegations that you misled the buyer, or are guilty of misrepresenting the property in question. This could include claims citing a lack of disclosures and many other possible misunderstandings.

To ensure the continued success of your business along with your reputation, you going to need to partner with a trusted carrier that can help you to manage a wide range of professional liability exposures in what continues to be an increasingly litigious environment.

E&O coverage is a must for all professionals

Professional Liability insurance, commonly referred to as errors & omissions insurance for real estate agents, covers various types of potential exposures not typically covered under any general liability policy your company may currently have in place. Often enough, general liability policies do not cover industry-specific exposures.

Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance provides coverage against claims of negligence or mistakes that cause financial harm to another person or company such as contract error, violation of good faith and fair dealing, and the giving of inaccurate or poor advice, and helps cover both the obligation to pay damages for covered claims, as well as the cost to defend against such claims.

In addition, your insurer should work with you on risk management planning to help reduce risks from occurring. One miswritten line on a document, one late filing, or one omitted statement could be the difference between a happy client and a litigious situation. Protect your company from the possibility of financial ruin with errors and omissions insurance for real estate agents. Speak to a qualified agent today.

What You Need to Know About Liability Insurance for Your Apartment Building

The liability portion of apartment building insurance is often misunderstood. The risks property owners face today are more numerous than ever, and good liability insurance is essential. Consider the following as you build your policy.

  1. Premises Liability – Any accident or injury to someone on your property can result in a lawsuit. In an apartment building it could be tenants, visitors, employees or even passersby. You could be faced with paying hospital bills, or you could be sued for negligence. Court costs can also add up quickly, so protection in this area is important.
  2. Cybercrime and Data Liability – A relatively new concern for property owners is the vulnerability of computer systems containing personal information. You may feel like a small fish in a big pond, but hackers can and will find your system. If a data breach occurs, you may need to fund damage payouts to tenants or data recovery.
  3. Employee Liability – You may be an excellent boss, but anyone who has ever worked for you can file a lawsuit against you for harassment, wrongful layoffs, discrimination or any number of other reasons. Even if you are innocent, dealing with these claims can be expensive if you aren’t covered.

Don’t Get Blindsided

No one wants to have to interrupt their life and business to deal with the headaches of legal action. Talk to a respected insurance professional about setting up your apartment building insurance to protect you from every type of lawsuit.