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Stock Throughput Insurance Protects Marine Businesses

Those of you that provide insurance solutions to those in the trade and logistics business understand the importance of having solid marine insurance. Marine insurance provides coverage for goods often exposed to the possibility of the risk of physical loss, which may occur during transit whether via ocean, air, ground or rail. Goods often suffer damage while traveling domestically and/or abroad. Companies need to be covered when goods are at risk throughout the supply chain and this policy helps to avoid coverage gaps.

Stock throughput insurance policies are designed for those companies that import, distribute, or export merchandise worldwide. It provides coverage for any and all movable goods, including such items as raw materials, semi-finished goods, along with finished products. The great thing about stock throughput insurance is that it provides protection for many types of damage or loss that may occur during shipment. This includes damage due to rough handling, collision, overturning, theft, delivery to the wrong location, non-delivery of goods, jettison, General Average and of course, natural disasters.

Stock throughput insurance (STP) combines cargo insurance and warehouse insurance

STP includes in its coverage, CAT Peril coverage, (i.e. Earthquake, Wind & Flood, elements of business income insurance and contingency insurance) all in a single package. It’s important to understand that standard cargo insurance and property policies contain several exclusions and gaps, many of which go unrecognized until there is a claim, and then the claim can be denied due to a lack of proper coverage.

A STP policy helps to eliminate these gaps and creates a policy that not only protects merchandise from loss or damage anywhere in the world, during the entire time the insured is responsible for the goods, it also provides continuous coverage, includes an easy single claims process, and comes with reduced premium expenses.

With this policy in place the goods are covered at all times whether in transit, undergoing processing (although damage caused by the manufacturing process is excluded), or while in storage at owned or at a third party’s premises. Speak to an agent with questions or concerns.

Protecting Your House and Finances with Home Insurance in CT

You should realize that buying your home is the biggest investment you’ll probably ever make. Protecting it with home insurance in ct is going to be the smartest decision you’ll ever make. Partnering with the right insurer will ensure that you’re covered from accidents and events like fire, lightning, windstorms, hail, frozen pipes, theft, and much more.

You’re also going to want an insurance policy that protects you from personal liability for bodily injury to others or damage to the property of others as a result of your negligence or any incidents that are caused by your child or even by your pet. When an accident occurs, the damage may be more severe than you think.

Water damage can end up costing thousands to repair or replace

Your home can become severely damaged due to a busted pipe and it may go unnoticed for quite some time. This is especially true when dealing with water damage. Just a little water leak in your home can have serious ramifications. For example, a leaky toilet may seem like a minor issue, and that may often be the case, but if it ends up leaking through the walls or floors of your home (and you may not realize it until after a few months), it could end up costing you thousands to repair the damage it has caused.

Having extra cash on hand can help to avoid making unnecessary claims

It’s a good idea to have cash on hand for minor emergencies because you never know when you’ll need it. If you have to make small repairs or replacements, you might want to have money available to help pay for these types of issues rather than filing a claim. One way to accomplish this is to keep from running up your credit cards expenses and also set up a nice “rainy day” fund for handling these instances.

For things like expensive jewelry, furs, or works of art (which often are not be covered under a standard ct home insurance policy) you should have extra coverage attached to deal with losses from theft, fire, or if you simply lose or misplace an item of value. Make sure that those extra special items have extra insurance coverage.

Netrate Systems Provide Customization for Rates and Quotes

NetRate Systems supplies commercial and personal lines rating systems to the property and casualty insurance marketplace, primarily to MGAs and small to medium carriers. Their systems are quite sophisticated, yet intuitive, and are designed to eliminate manual references as well as automate ratings within the full policy life cycle. One of the wonderful things about NetRate is that they also offer custom programming of all lines of business, so they can accommodate a broad range of carriers.

NetRate rating systems include desktop implementation and web-based point-of-sale for submissions, rates, and quotes. They also provide integration of rating data to third party vendor systems to facilitate policy issuance and administration. One of the attractive qualities about these systems is that their products offer the agility and customization critical in the program business space.

For example, as you go about tailoring your programs with tailored coverage’s to fit the niches you serve, you’ll find that having this customization will make you more attractive in a very competitive marketplace. In addition, Netrate can customize their rating solutions according to your particular needs and desires. Having custom development at your fingertips is essential and vital in this marketplace.

The advantages of having a user-friendly service

NetRate is considered by many to be one of the best rating systems in use. If you’ve worked with other company rating systems you may have not always had the desired results. Netrate Systems provides you with a very flexible rating system that’s extremely user-friendly, very logical in its processes, and has the capability to help your business grow. It’s important to not only understand insurance terminology, but also understand the flow of business for the companies being provided the software.

One of the advantages of this system is that it has the capability to key in data for online quotes that are quickly and easily displayed to the agent, and once accepted, it can be easily integrated with your policy administration system. The rating engines also feature the ability to rate coverage alternatives, and the system will generate complex, yet easy-to-understand worksheets and XML output documents for data transmission. Netrate Systems can also provide optional features on an ongoing basis based on user enhancement requests.

Resourceful Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents

There are things that independent agents must know and do in order to achieve long-term success in the insurance industry. For some it’s finding what advertising techniques work best for their business in their geographical area, for others it’s finding creative ways to generate leads. The one common thread is investing in, or discovering marketing ideas for insurance agents that will garner the desired results.

Any success (or lack thereof) is totally dependent on developing a sound contact marketing strategy consisting of a number of resources, including free reports, telemarketing, newsletters, joint ventures and even special events, such as workshops and other educational formats designed to build a relationship with your ideal prospects, both now and into the future.

Size doesn’t necessarily matter

It isn’t necessarily the size of your company that determines whether or not you’re going to be a candidate for someone looking into insurance services. Your primary marketing goal should be to become known as the most respected and trusted adviser in your local community. Not only is this a much easier route to take, but also it’s more cost-efficient for you to get known in your local community, verses traversing throughout an entire city, county or state.

Take the time to establish and understand your primary geographic market area. Identify your area of interest by zip code, county, neighborhood or other parameters and help yourself to better understand the prospects that live there. Work on developing an insurance marketing campaign to promote relevant offerings based on events that may be happening within your community, and make sure to include new home buyers, births, and marriages all happening in this area. Target your products and services specifically to these events.

Create a bio sheet and use a professional photo, sharing both your professional resume as well as personal information on what makes you unique within the financial services industry. Make it a point to identify the problems you’ve solved for your clients during all of your years of experience. Your bio sheet should highlight how you’ve helped people and why prospects should want to work with you. Being a local hero is a great idea and using the right marketing ideas for insurance agents can help you achieve your goals.

Data Management and Data Loss Insurance

Chances are good that your client’s company is storing sensitive information on their servers and this could become a major problem if they were to experience a cyber attack or other issue resulting in loss of private or confidential data. There are some hard costs to repairing the damage done when an issue of this magnitude arises, and the reputational damage alone could ruin most businesses.

Data loss prevention (DLP) and data loss insurance should be a top priority for anyone handling credit card information, health records, or other private and confidential materials. Data loss prevention is typically defined as any solution or process that identifies confidential data, tracks that data as it moves through and out of the enterprise and prevents unauthorized disclosure of data by creating and enforcing disclosure policies.

Since confidential data can reside on a variety of computing devices (physical servers, virtual servers, databases, file servers, PCs, point-of-sale devices, flash drives and mobile devices) and move through a variety of network access points, but there are a number of solutions that can help resolve the problems associated with data loss, data recovery and data leaks.

Invest in data management, prevention tools

Now that a great deal of the work performed by traditional endpoints, (such as desktops and notebooks), is constantly being augmented by ­tablets and smartphones, data management strategies should be revisited. Ensure that clients make it clear to data owners and stewards that they need to understand that they have an obligation to protect all sensitive data.

They should also invest in the use of data loss ­prevention tools at network gateways, as well as on systems in departments that manage ­confidential and sensitive information. Mobile phones should have the same security requirements as ­notebooks. Require encryption, ­pass codes, anti­-malware and screen locking on all ­portable devices.

Technology can only assist in backing up good practices and procedures, so they’ll need to develop a security awareness program that addresses risks identified by the organization. Training of the support providers, both in central IT and other support organizations, on how to secure their systems and network infrastructure is crucial to the success of the program.

Security guidelines and procedures should be in place to address new concerns that will most certainly arise. Strategies should be reviewed annually and updated as needed. With that said, there’s no substitute for data loss insurance for times when disaster strikes.

Protect Your Assets with New Jersey Commercial Auto Insurance

Like many businesses you depend on a fleet of cars, vans, or trucks to service your customers and clients and get products or services delivered on time. But when the rubber meets the road, all types of obstacles and issues could create problems along the way. The need to use vehicles is a necessary part of many different enterprises. After all, what quicker way is there to put your employees in front of existing and prospective customers and get your products where they need to go in an efficient manner?

While it’s easy to have the proper oversight and insight within your business operations, once outside those four walls, road conditions, weather and situations involving other drivers are completely out of your control. Any accident an employee is involved in could result in bodily injury, and this includes injuries sustained by other drivers, passengers, or even pedestrians. These are situations for which you could be found liable, and can include damage caused to other vehicles or property, all of which could put your business in financial jeopardy, which is why you must carry new jersey commercial auto insurance.

Business auto insurance is the only solution to concerns whenever a company routinely uses vehicles in their daily operations. It is without a doubt the best way to keep you, your employees and your business moving in the right direction. Most policies can be customized to fit your individual business needs. There are also many commercial auto insurance options available for the vehicles you own, lease or rent for business use.

New Jersey commercial auto insurance options

Here is a list of some standard options to help ensure you and your business are fully protected whether or not you are deemed responsible:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage for other drivers’ and passengers’ injuries or death
  • Property damage liability coverage for damages to someone else’s property
  • Comprehensive coverage for your vehicle in losses resulting from an event other than an accident
  • Collision coverage for your vehicle when your car hits, or is hit by, another vehicle
  • Uninsured / under-insured motorist coverage for any injuries, damages or death caused by an at-fault driver without insurance or insufficient insurance to cover all costs
  • Medical payments coverage for care expenses incurred by you and passengers in your vehicle injured in an accident

Contact an agent with any specific questions you have concerning New Jersey commercial auto insurance coverage.

Some Basic Strategies for Insurance Agency SEO

There are certain strategic ways in which you can use search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your rankings and increase traffic to your website. This isn’t witchcraft, nor is it some dark secret that only those in the know are privy to. Insurance Agency SEO is viable and available to everyone; it’s simply a matter of making use of the tools at your disposal.

Focus on some primary ways to increase traffic

One thing that you’re going to need to do is to focus on exactly what niche you want to drive the most traffic in. For example, if you’re selling car insurance, write as many articles as you possibly can on the subject. Now, if you’re an agency and you’d like to focus on a certain business niche, include the name of the agency in the article, but don’t overdo it. This way, you’re going to look more relevant than others to the search engine, plus you’re going to provide consumers with a bit of information about your products and services.

In order to try to increase the ranking for specific pages you need to have traffic going to that page already and that will make it look credible to Google and other search engines. You can’t just launch a page, not have anybody go to it, and suddenly expect it to be high in the rankings. Media that helps you drive traffic will always help your page rank better.

One reason why you want to create more articles around your topics is that it translates to your site looking and being much more relevant and you come off as something of an expert on those topics. Now, when Google takes a look back on your site, they see words like “car insurance,” and the name of the agency in your site as a whole, many times.

Focus on products and keyword phrases with less competition and remember to stay on topic. Consistency is the key element to driving targeted traffic. Use of social media and email marketing to drive initial traffic to your website is suggested. These are considered by many to be useful tactics and strategies for the best results in your Insurance Agency SEO approach, so focus on these basic SEO strategies and begin to see the results that turn into sales.