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3 Answers to Common Questions About Business Insurance

Whether you just opened a new business or you are just now considering getting business insurance in VA, it is wise to first understand the facts before insuring your company. Here are some informative answers to common business insurance questions.

1. What Exactly Is Business Insurance?

Business insurance has numerous types of coverage available to help protect you, the business owner, from loss. This can cover your property, business vehicles, and employees, and it can also protect you against lawsuits.

2. Why Should You Consider Getting Insurance?

Even if you have a very small company, it is often still vital to have insurance coverage on everything you own. There are many threats to a business that can keep it from being successful, which is why it is your responsibility to do everything possible to protect your assets.

3. Can You Combine Types of Insurance in the Policy?

From commercial auto insurance to liability and health insurance, it can be hard to decide which to get. The great news is that it is possible to combine the many types of insurance available in one policy to help you save money.

It is a good idea to do some research and work with a professional company that can provide business insurance in VA. Whether you are a small or large company, insurance is key to protecting your hard work.

Marketing Techniques Showing How To Market Insurance

When it comes to online insurance marketing, it has taken agents years of research and some trial and error to understand exactly how to market insurance. Over the years they have come up with a lot of clever ways to get noticed, with many of the larger agencies running commercial campaigns that have boosted their recognition.

But not everyone can afford to run ads constantly on TV in an attempt to try to best the competition. But, for all the clever advertising, one thing you need to remember is that it’s all about the customer experience. Gathering feedback from customers and visitors to your site will allow you to consider what the negatives and positives are, and what people like (and don’t like) about your agency. Using these recommendations and suggestions will help you to change your company’s tactics and help to increase customer retention.

An optimized website is crucial

Insurance agents need to focus on certain aspects of their business to build a strong foundation for any online marketing efforts. Everyone has access to the same information, but how you implement it helps to determine your failure or success. By building on this you can aid your marketing tactics and turn yourself into a winner.

All of your online marketing efforts should point people back to your website. In order to create an optimized website you’ll need to incorporate sound keyword strategy, have a visibly appealing layout, include a call-to-action on every page, and make sure your content is relevant and newsworthy.

Social media and blogs

Social media has become the foundation of many successful businesses, and also serves as a great way to build brand identity and generate insurance leads. You can aid your cause by having profiles set up and engage on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Quora and Google +, for starters.

Blogs are proven to be one of the top lead generators for insurance online marketing, so it’s wise to create new blogs regularly and post at least twice a week. If you want to know how to market insurance effectively you’ll want your content to be relevant, newsworthy, keyword rich, and consistent.

Why Your Bank Needs Lending Insurance

If you own and run a bank, then you’re already acutely aware of the threats and challenges you’ll be facing almost each and every day in the foreseeable future. While all businesses face some level of threat, banks are special targets for crime of all sorts simply because of the amount of funds that the establishments handle each and every day, and your bank is no exception. This is precisely why you need lending insurance for your business. These services provide you with protection from a variety of threats, such as:

  • Cyber-attacks. With the rise of technology has also come the rise of hackers, who may try to steal funds, disrupt operations with viruses and cause other turmoil in your system.
  • Theft, robbery, fraud and other types of crime that are common within this particular industry. While the way you handle business might change, crime rarely does.
  • Mistakes by directors, employees and other members of your staff that might make an error in judgement or otherwise perform unsatisfactorily while on the job.

Each of these threats are inherent when you own a bank. Fortunately, you can protect yourself from the effects by investing in a little lending insurance for your business. Regardless of the threats your business faces, you can rest assured knowing your business and your finances are secure.

Dog Liability Insurance Quotes For Pet Owners

As a dog owner you are automatically exposed to possible liability for dog bites, as well as other canine-inflicted injuries that may occur. Dogs bite around 4.5 million people in the US every year, with children, unfortunately, being the victims of many of the most serious attacks.

This amounts to annual losses exceeding $1 billion dollars annually. In many of the cases reported, the dog owner’s own relatives, friends and neighbors wind up as the most likely victims of a possible dog attack. Owners seeking dog liability insurance quotes, and obtaining dog bite coverage for their pets, means that they are taking proper steps to protect the people who are closest to them, as well as the general public. This equates to protecting their own interests as well, since any resulting injuries could be quite costly.

Many home and renters policies contain exclusions to dog bites

Unfortunately, there currently is no law that requires homeowners and renters insurance policies to provide coverage for injuries, damages and losses inflicted by dogs. This means that many dog owners who may think they have coverage for such instances may find that their homeowners and renters policies exclude injuries caused by their dog. Some policies are written so that they exclude injuries caused by certain breeds of dog.

Dangerous dogs excluded due to higher risk

Some insurance companies have expressed concerns in selling homeowners insurance to the owners of certain breeds of dogs, such as pit bulls, Rottweilers, Akitas and Chow-Chows, to name a few. That’s because they have a reputation for biting and aggressive behavior. Furthermore, there are policies that provide inadequate coverage, which is why pet owners need to do research and due diligence when shopping for the proper coverage for their individual situations.

Traditionally, the minimum limit for personal liability coverage has been $100,000. But, a limit of $300,000 is often more appropriate due to rising medical costs. If for example, your household contains a large or medium sized dog, you might be better off with a higher limit of protection.

No dog owner should purchase a homeowner policy or renter’s policy that excludes canine-inflicted injuries unless he or she also purchases a supplemental dog bite liability policy that covers them in the event of anyone being injured by their pet. Get dog liability insurance quotes from an agent so you can make an informed decision.

Manufacturing Liabilities and Santa Fe Insurance

Workers in the manufacturing industry must continually move raw, or finished goods in the course of producing safe and marketable commodities for sale to clients and businesses. Equipment that is vital to production must be properly maintained in order to remain on schedule and profitable. Improper handling of these materials and other essential tasks can cause overexertion, repetitive motions, strains/sprains, many of which can cause injuries. These risks can be controlled through safety training, the following of procedures and guidelines, and the use of safety equipment.

Product liability is yet another very serious matter that must be addressed. While most products are carefully examined and tested before they ever go to market, manufacturers will still turn out defective products that wind up in stores from time to time. While a few minor defects may not become a serious issue, anything that could result in danger to the general public, or that could result in health concerns or injuries, can present a real issue. Manufacturers must therefore rely on workers compensation insurance and liability coverage from a Santa Fe Insurance agency to address these concerns.

Employee and product safety go hand in hand

When preparing a new product to go to market, you should examine every aspect involved in the safe execution of the process. After all, you don’t want your employees to be at any risk, and you don’t want to produce a product that is deemed as “unsafe.” When you think about this product, do you think of all the implications that can arise from its use? Your primary focus should be on safety at all times, not on getting the product into the hands of the consumer. By doing so you’ll not only keep your brand name in the minds of the public, but you will also be successful as a business owner.

There will always be things that are out of your control, some of which that could result in property damage or injuries due to the products that you manufacture. That’s why the primary objective should be on protecting your employees, as well as your business and your assets. Liability insurance for products you manufacture, and workers comp for your employees are two key policies that should always be in place. Speak to an agent about any questions or concerns you have related to insurance products and services.

How Your Business Can Benefit from Insurance Marketing

If you own a business of any shape or size, your focus throughout the years has probably been cutting costs while you try to maximize your income to create the best profits possible. However, the challenge of winning clients and customers over from big industry leaders can be challenging. Luckily, you have the option to hire an insurance marketing company to help you win these customers over and get more business for your growing company. Some of the ways a marketing company might be able to help you include:

  • Helping you become more visible through internet searches and mailing advertisements
  • Improving your system to encourage those who might just be visiting your website to take the plunge and purchase your services.
  • Strengthen your brand as a whole by providing customers with more information, creating new designs and much, much more.
  • Provide customers with customized content on your website, written by professionals who have a knowledge of the industry.

Each of these steps can make a serious difference with the way your business grows and develops in the coming months and years, and assists you with building a firm, reliable foundation to build your company on in the future. Your insurance marketing company has your back, and allows you to overcome the challenge of drawing in new customers with ease.

3 Reasons to Consider Cyber Liability Insurance

Through the use of technology to store customer data, financial records, and employee information, both large and small companies are susceptible to cyber crime and the potentially devastating costs associated with it. In an age of such vulnerability, there are three core reasons cyber liability insurance has become a vital component to any threat management strategy.

1. Widespread Risk

Since 2013, cyber attacks have increased more than 66 percent each year, and in 2015, an estimated 55 percent of all US businesses experienced a security breach. Hackers may target any company that collects valuable data, including financial, medical, and personal information, leaving nearly all companies at risk in one way or another.

2. Potential Costs

Dealing with a cyber crime often results in serious expenses, including the following:

  • Lawsuits
  • Victim notification
  • Forensic services
  • Crisis management
  • Data retrieval

Without cyber liability insurance, your company may be responsible for each of these costs and more.

3. Human Element

Even the most advanced digital security measures cannot account for every circumstance. As the mobile workplace evolves and expands, lost laptops, misplaced smartphones, and compromised home computers can continue to undermine even the most advanced security systems.

The Bottom Line

With the rising tide of cyber attacks, the overwhelming expenses related to them, and the inevitability of human error, your company may be at risk for substantial loss. Cyber liability insurance is the key to safeguarding your assets and protecting both you and your customers.

Some Common Errors Needing CPA Professional Liability Insurance

As tax time rolls around Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) find themselves burdened with filing after filing for their clients. With late filings coming in as well, they often have more work than they can handle. This can result in errors occurring in the preparation of documents and this is certainly not good for business.

Providing tax advice is a staple of the job, and tax return preparations done quickly can result in a greater number of claims against accountants. This can be of great concern for anyone who is an accountant and doesn’t have CPA professional liability insurance. Not only is tax work the foundation of most accountants’ practices, but there is also the fact that they produce so large a quantity of tax returns annually that their work can wind up being subjected to intense scrutiny by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Claims of malpractice are quite common

Tax return malpractice is often the result of simple lapses on the part of the CPA. Tax claims can range from any number of missteps, from a missed deadline for filing, to being provided with poor advice. But the majority stems from return errors, and malpractice occurs more as a result of poor communications with clients than from any errors due to the complexities of the tax code. Most of the time these problems are simply the result of poor quality control procedures.

Naturally, CPAs have an obligation to their clients to exercise due professional care. An engagement letter provides the client and other third parties with rights of recovery, which means that, if the CPAs are not performing within the agreement as set forth in the contract, this will be considered a breach of contract. In order to recover any loss from an auditor under common law, the client must prove either breach of duty, losses, or causation.

CPAs may defend against a breach of contract if they can prove that the client’s loss occurred because of factors other than negligence by the auditors. CPAs owe it to themselves to always be thorough and check all work prior to having their client sign any tax documents to be submitted. Having cpa professional liability insurance helps provide assistance when negligence or malpractice does occur. Speak to a knowledgeable agent about questions concerning this important coverage.