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The Optimal Coverage for Your Tow Truck

When you have the responsibility of safely transporting customer vehicles, you need to ensure that you’re properly covered in case anything goes wrong. Whether you’re an independent tow truck driver or the owner of a small business tow truck company, finding the right insurance for your needs is vital. Here are the key components to look for in commercial tow truck insurance.

Garage Keepers Insurance

A garage keepers policy keeps you covered if any of your customers’ vehicles become damaged while on your business property. According to the experts at Gain Insurance Agency, this can include your auto repair shop, garage or lot. Garage keepers coverage also provides you with the protection you need if any damage takes place during business hours.

On-Hook Towing Insurance

This type of coverage keeps your customers’ vehicles covered if they become damaged while being towed. With the right on-hook towing insurance, you can stay protected from any costs that result from the damage. This can allow you to continue running your business without suffering a major loss.

Operating your own tow truck or running a tow truck business requires you to be aware of the various risks you face. By finding the right commercial tow truck insurance for your needs, you can be prepared for almost any situation.

Who Needs Transport Coverage?

Many companies ship products throughout the country, but not many people know that inland marine insurance is designed to protect those products during transport. Don’t be misled by the name; inland marine coverage can be used to protect items that are transported across land and, in some cases, the equipment used to aid in the process.

Protect Products

There are many reasons you may need to transport goods or equipment:

  • To deliver to stores
  • To use in trade shows or exhibits
  • To ship directly to customers

If the vehicle transporting the goods is involved in an accident, the products may be broken. If your warehouse floods, the things you’re storing inside may be damaged. Whether you ship products, store them or both, an inland marine policy can cover the cost to repair or replace them if they are damaged, according to the experts at

Protect Equipment

The method used to transport equipment also needs to be protected. Some policies may cover the transportation elements, such as a rail or communication system. Trucks or other vehicles may also be covered under this policy if they are used primarily for the transport of goods.

When moving products or equipment from one place to another is part of your business plan, you need to protect the goods during transport. Inland marine coverage can help you do that.