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Why Hemp Companies Need Specific Insurance Coverage

Anyone who works in the cannabis or hemp industry needs to have the right type of insurance coverage in order to protect themselves as business owners, as well as their product. Here is how hemp products insurance coverage can help protect your company.

Covering a Wide Variety of Needs

Within the cannabis and hemp industry, there are many different fields in which individuals can work. These can include transportation, retail, cultivating, distributing, and several others, according to CannGen. Each field might vary a bit in terms of what type of coverage you’ll want. For example, someone in transportation will want coverage that can protect them while on the road. Knowing that the insurance can be based on your needs can be a relief.

Having the Right Type of Liability

As with most businesses, there is a general liability that has different levels of deductibles, but there are several other options, too. Those who want extra protection can choose to have an excess liability, workers’ compensation to protect against any injuries employees encounter while on the job, and even coverage for your crops should something go wrong.

Before you look for hemp products insurance coverage, know what you’ll need for your line of work and how much liability you think you’ll need. This can protect your company and help you save money along the way.

Tips for Protecting Your Business From Cyber Exposure

With recent data breaches becoming more significant and devastating to businesses than ever before, now is the time for businesses to reduce the likelihood of a cyber-attack. However, just reducing your cyber exposure isn’t enough. You also need a plan in place to help mitigate the damage if a breach occurs.

Secure Your Hardware

With so much attention given to using the newest and most innovative software available, many companies are overlooking the importance of safeguarding their company hardware. However, the theft or loss of these devices is a significant risk. There’s a basic way to protect these devices – use a complicated password, only give it to the user of the device, and memorize it.

Have a Plan in Place

Based on data and information from Huntersure, it’s not a question of if a breach will occur, but when for most businesses. This means having a plan in place is the best way to mitigate the damages that may otherwise occur.

Creating a plan that highlights what you will do if a breach or attack occurs will help provide you with peace of mind and ensure you are prepared to take action and reduce the issues that may arise because of the breach or attack. Besides having a plan, invest in MPL insurance, which provides coverage for an array of potential business risks, such as errors and omissions, cyber exposure, and more.

If you want to safeguard your business from cyber exposure, using the tips here is a smart first step.

Ensure That You’re Not Left Up a Creek Without a Paddle

From canoeing treks to cabin-cruiser excursions, boating remains a staggeringly popular activity in the U.S. The Coast Guard notes that 11.8 million recreational water vessels were registered in 2018. Because of the vast range of boating activities on tap, potential watercraft owners need to consider this: What does the general boat insurance cover?

A Sea of Scenarios

According to, boat insurance is complex. A number of unique situations can impact your coverage and require consideration as you choose a policy:

  • Your boat carries passengers or expensive equipment.
  • You encounter uninsured boaters or natural disasters.
  • You discover to wear and tear or corrosion.
  • You face an accident, or you cause an accident.
  • You berth in marinas, or you dry-dock on land.

International Travel

International travel may be a possible adjunct to the above list. Mexico, a popular fishing and tourist destination, merits a special rider. General U.S. boating insurance does not cover liability within Mexico’s 12 nautical coastline miles or internal waterways.

Your Obligation

One of the above points requires significant clarification: Accidents are often the serious consequence of irresponsible water activities. The Coast Guard’s Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety counted 4,145 recreational-boating accidents in 2018. Where deaths occurred and the primary cause was known, alcohol was the leading factor. Boaters should familiarize themselves with all regulations and safety procedures before hitting the water, and they MUST behave responsibly.

General boat insurance can cover a variety of circumstances on the water. Discuss your watercraft and its usage with your agent to determine the right plan for you.