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Business Travel Concerns During COVID-19

It is critical for a business to implement a plan to cover its employees when they travel. Many problems can arise during business travel, especially overseas. Health-related issues and safety concerns are among the top worries. With COVID-19, international travel has become even more concerning for employers and employees.

Safety Protocol for Traveling During COVID-19

On most planes, the air conditioning system replaces the air in the cabin every few minutes and filters out 99.99% of air particles, which significantly reduces the spread of COVID-19. The greater precautions for passengers and airline workers involve interaction with people before and during the boarding process. Most airlines have implemented safety protocols as a result. Masks are required on most flights and some airlines have instituted social distancing by prohibiting passengers from sitting in middle seats. Passengers should always wash their hands thoroughly or use hand sanitizer after touching any foreign objects.

Insurance Coverage for International Business Travel

Your business must take the necessary precautions to protect company travelers with Directors and Officers (D&O) liability insurance. When an employee gets sick or is injured while traveling for the company, D&O international business travel risk is greatly reduced with the proper coverage.

Employees encounter many risks when they travel. Make sure they are covered in the event of work-related accidents and illnesses.

Local vs. Organic SEO. What is the Difference?

The main difference between Local vs. Organic SEO is the presence or absence of a geographical element. Local SEO aims to connect you to people searching for something specific to your area, while organic SEO focuses on bringing people to your website on a national scale.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a search optimization technique used to rank businesses higher in local searches. Companies with a brick and mortar building or a specific service area want to utilize this type of SEO. The aim is to show up in searches within the locale of your business.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is useful if your business is online-based. Internet marketers, bloggers, and news entities without a physical location benefit from organic SEO. With this type of search optimization, the focus is on relevant content and keywords that address user concerns.

Should I use both Local and Organic SEO?

Some businesses benefit from using local and organic search optimization together. For example, organizations with multiple locations or shops with both a physical space and online products will benefit from employing both strategies.

Which SEO is Right For Me?

The choice of Local vs. Organic SEO depends on your company’s focus. A business with products or services serving a particular area will want to choose local SEO, whereas a website-based organization will benefit from organic SEO.

What Are Crime Insurance Claims?

Crime insurance is a type of policy that a business can purchase to protect itself from unlawful activity by clients, the general public, and its own employees. Here is a description of what is covered, along with some examples of acceptable crime insurance claims.


When a business falls victim to criminal activity, it files a claim with its insurance provider. If the company has stayed current on its premiums, losses of money, securities, and property are usually covered. The following items are not included in most policies:

  • Legal expenses.
  • Theft of data, secrets, or intellectual property.
  • Salaries and other types of associated lost income.
  • Fines.

Examples of Claims

Theft and fraud are the primary types of crimes covered. Here are a few examples of crime insurance claims:

  • An unknown person stole money from an employee who was making the nightly bank deposit.
  • Someone forged another employee’s signature on a business check and then cashed it.
  • A hacker broke into the company computer system and transferred funds to another bank account.
  • An employee unknowingly received counterfeit money in payment for merchandise.

A crime insurance policy is written based on known perils, which can vary from business to business. Talk to your insurance agent about customizing a policy that will mitigate the risks you face.