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Innovative Water Treatment Programs

Population centers in the U.S. continue to grow and many of those centers are in water-poor areas. From Southern California to the deserts of Nevada and Arizona, water treatment programs have to innovate to meet the increased need. Below are two programs that are leading the way in finding the water for tomorrow

Decentralized Gray Water Treatment Incentives

In the past, gray water usage was usually a DIY setup. People who lived on well systems knew the value of water and would set up systems to recover water from showers and washing machines to water landscaping and gardens. With the rise of gray water technology, water recycling is for everyone. Cities like Tucson are offering a gray water rebate toward the cost of gray water irrigation systems. These systems can recover up to 31% of household water use, saving the customer money and taking a load off the water utility.

Greening of the Water Structure

From the reintroduction of wetlands in the Las Vegas Wash that improve water quality to individual efforts like rooftop gardens, green is the future of water infrastructure. Water treatment programs are going green to better utilize storm runoff and prevent flooding.

Innovation can mean risk for water treatment programs. With the correct insurance, they can continue to create and offer water innovations that make clean water available to everyone.

Tips To Pick the Best Insurance Coverage for Your Business

Running a successful company is all about taking the right precautionary measures. For many, the best way to reduce the odds of an unexpected incident bringing a company to financial ruin is by taking out sensible insurance. If you don’t put thought behind decisions like determining which workers’ compensation plan is best for your needs, you could wind up in a very expensive and complicated legal battle. Review these tips to learn more about the options available to you.

E-Mod Options

One point you can consider when you’re taking out your insurance is how e-mod and work comp premiums work together. Some business owners opt to use experience modification factors as a way of obtaining better rates with their compensation plans. While this can be a very advantageous move for some companies, it will not always be the best fit for all. Before you make your final decision, weigh out the pros and cons of the e-mod option and get a better idea of how it works. Additional points to consider with your plan include:

  • Number and frequency of claims
  • Coverage for directors and officers
  • Policy options for third-party property

Protect Your Team

Taking out the right insurance plan can be a fantastic way to protect your business and your workers. Give yourself ample time to review the options before you and find coverage that makes sense for the risks of your industry.

Top Types of Insurance Coverage for Real Estate Professionals

As a real estate professional, you may be wondering which insurance programs for real estate you should be looking into. The real estate business comes with several inherent risks that the right insurance coverage could help protect you from. Here are the top coverage types for you to consider.

Real Estate Professionals in Several Sectors Should Consider Insurance

There are several key sectors in the real estate business, and professionals in all of them should consider finding insurance coverage. Some top professionals that may require insurance include the following.

  • Property management professionals
  • Agents for office buildings, retail centers, tech parks and more
  • Real estate developers
  • Investment trusts

Top Coverage Options Include Liability Protections and More

Since working in real estate may leave you vulnerable to several types of liabilities, having a policy with extensive protections is essential. Be sure to take into account vulnerabilities specific to your situation. Your top insurance options should encompass the following coverage.

  • Directors and officers liability
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Foodborne liability coverage
  • Commercial property coverage
  • Business interruption coverage
  • Cyber liability

Whatever sector of the real estate industry you work in, having the right insurance programs for real estate in place can help provide you with a critical safety net. Consider these top types of coverage when searching for your next policy.

Workers’ Compensation: The Pros and Cons of Guaranteed Cost

As a business owner, you know that you need to carry workers’ compensation coverage. When it comes to shopping for coverage for workplace injuries, you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of options available to you. Here is what you need to know about guaranteed cost programs.

Pros of a Guaranteed Cost Program

For small businesses, this program may be more affordable than others. If you like predictable costs, one of the major advantages is a fixed cost policy. It’s all-inclusive so that it will cover all different risks. No matter the injury, the insurer pays the costs.

Cons of a Guaranteed Cost Program

Not every business benefits from a guaranteed cost program. As your business grows, you may want to take on more risk. These programs do not allow for you to benefit from cash flow if you have good claims experience. Your costs during the year may be higher with this type of plan because the carrier holds the risk.

Workers’ compensation is necessary for all businesses, small and large. How you decide to insure your company is up to you. For small businesses, the benefits of guaranteed cost workers compensation coverage may outweigh the disadvantages. If you choose guaranteed cost coverage, you can change it as your company grows

Maintaining a Digital Advantage for Gen Z Clientele

As the population continues to age, insurance businesses like yours need to be able to reach new, young clients who need the services that you provide. Generation Z or Gen Z includes people born between the mid-90s and 2011. Many of these clients lead organizations that need to mitigate and manage their risks with insurance coverages. Many of these potential clients grew up in the digital age and are especially savvy when it comes to the Internet. Are you equipped to reach this clientele?

What’s the Deal with Gen Z?

You might be inclined to think that your customer base is the same from generation to generation. After all, insurance coverages may not change much from where you sit. If you intend to market to Gen Z buyers, it’s important to understand some trends in values among this segment of the population:

  • Loyalty to a brand is important and must be earned.
  • Gen Z clients tend to look for companies that share and reflect similar values.
  • Businesses have a limited timeframe to connect with Gen Z customers.

Online presences are key vehicles to connecting with customers in Generation Z.

How Can I Reach Gen Z?

Your presence on the Internet should leverage the power of SEO as well as online media platforms. It’s important to partner with experts in marketing especially related to Gen Z and SEO. Look for a provider that understands your specific needs as a business and can help you to translate that to successful marketing strategies that reach as many customers as possible, including Gen Z.