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3 Easy Ways To Reduce the Gender Pay Gap

It’s common knowledge that women have long struggled to achieve equal recognition and pay in the workplace. Most people, however, don’t realize how easy it is to play a role in the fight for equality. Instead of wondering how best to contribute to the cause, consider a few simple actions you can take to do your part in closing the gender pay gap.

1. Talk About It

The most important thing you can do to minimize instances of workplace pay discrimination is to discuss your salary with your coworkers. Women are often discouraged from inquiring about or providing salary information, as it is seen as unprofessional. This prevents many women, however, from ever realizing that they are being paid less than their male equals.

2. Be Flexible

Women often bear the burden of childcare, requiring them to take more time off work than their male counterparts. Sick kids, school breaks, and last-minute sitter cancelations can all throw a normal workday into disarray, and women often work jobs that don’t easily accommodate unpredictable schedules.

3. Tip Well

In addition to working jobs with inflexible schedules, women often have positions that pay little because they allow tips. This ignores the fact that many people undertip, while others fail to tip at all.

Although change doesn’t happen overnight, making small contributions toward the fight for pay equality can make a huge difference. Even better, your support will mean the world to the women in your personal and professional life.