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5 Important Steps in Insurance Agency Marketing

5 Important Steps in Insurance Agency Marketing

While online marketing can be a bit more budget friendly, maintaining a successful presence on the Web can quickly add up. Here are some ways in which insurance agency marketing online can be accomplished on a limited budget.

Familiarize yourself with your audience

You really need to figure out who your audience is in order to be successful in any marketing campaign. It generally works better if you are targeting a specific geographic area. You also need to know what type of people reside in the area: new families or retirees, homeowners or renters? Identify online marketing channels to focus on, for example Facebook, Twitter, or email and ask your customers about their communication preferences.

Set realistic goals and modify as needed

Focus on what you want to accomplish with your online marketing: more awareness, perhaps, or more leads and sales? It’s easier to track success by setting a few goals. Once you reach your first set of goals, modify them so that your agency is constantly striving for improvement.

Establish a reasonable budget

Making a marketing budget and identifying how much you want to spend is a very sensible approach. Your budget should include a website (don’t forget about maintenance and content updates), search engine optimization, email marketing and social media. Marketing does requires continuous attention and effort, so if your budget is limited, identify those areas that you can reasonably handle on your own and hire experts to help with the rest.

Identifying your brand is vital

Identifying your brand will help direct you in your branding, including how your website looks and what you should share on social media. For instance, what makes your agency different and why would someone choose your agency over the competition? Is your agency viewed as more professional or is it laid back? How do your current customers view your agency? Once your brand is established, remain consistent and stick to your company brand values.

Optimize for the search engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential step in any insurance agency marketing plan, as a way of getting your website found. Just because your website is beautifully designed, does not mean leads will come. You have to help them find your website and SEO is how you do it.