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2 Things To Remember When Venting a Boat`s Gas Tank

Boat`s Gas Tank

It is important to vent your boat tank if you are going to avoid costly maintenance and repair bills. Failing to make changes to the vent system can cause problems when trying to gas the boat, but it can also starve your engine of the fuel it needed to power forward. Here are some tips on how to vent a boat gas tank.

1. Avoid Traps in the Lines

If there are any sags in the vent lines, it can turn into a trap where fuel will puddle. These puddles prevent fuel from getting to the engine. Run the vent line as straight as possible across the tank, then create a straight angle upward to the vent fitting. Gravity should bring fuel back down into the tank.

2. Keep the Screen Clean

Take care to keep debris and bugs off of the fine-wire screen that covers the fuel vent. Not only does this keep the system clean, but this screen can also act as a flame deterrent. It blocks sparks that could potentially ignite fuel vapor. Use a wire brush to keep this surface clean, but replace the vent when corrosion has eaten away it.

These are two of the most crucial installation and maintenance elements when considering how to vent a boat gas tank. Paying attention to these details can help you avoid being stranded out on the water and facing expensive service work.