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Worker’s Compensation Coverage for Cannabis Companies

Cannabis Companies

Worker’s compensation is an important part of a comprehensive insurance package for companies in the cannabis industry. Depending on a company’s size and operations, it may be required to maintain coverage as a matter of statutory law. Employers need to avoid running afoul of regulations and ensure that their employees will have vital coverage if they are hurt at work.

Universal Applications

Claims for cannabis-related work comp may be based on many different types of injuries, not just those that are unique to the industry. Just like any other setting, employees are at risk for a wide range of on-the-job injuries.

  •       Herniation’s and sprains from heavy lifting
  •       Repetitive motion injuries
  •       Slip and falls
  •       Illness or an acute injury from exposure to chemicals or pesticides
  •       Injuries caused by an equipment malfunction

Coverage Benefits

Worker’s Compensation can provide for an employee’s medical care for injuries sustained while working. In addition, some types of injuries may qualify workers for wage compensation while they are receiving medical treatment.

Not all insurance providers can work with cannabis companies because they are unclear about state and federal laws relating to cannabis. It’s important that cannabis companies work with an insurance provider that is experienced in serving clients in their industry and have a thorough understanding of applicable law.