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The Most Common CBD Myths You Need To Be Able To Debunk

CBD Myths

CBD is rapidly becoming one of the most popular natural supplements on the market. Unfortunately, that popularity means that more people are perpetuating and circulating myths about the products, hemp and the effects the supplement produces. Those CBD myths aren’t just wrong—they’re harmful to businesses and their consumers. Here’s what you need to know.

The Most Common Myths

Luckily, CBD’s popularity hasn’t waned even though the myths keep running rampant online. As a CBD business owner, you need to be prepared to debunk these common CBD myths:

  • CBD will get you high
  • CBD overdoses are real
  • The products are legal everywhere
  • You only get benefits if you use small amounts
  • CBD is a cure-all

These myths are the ones that most people circulate online and in person.

What You Need To Explain

Though these myths are the most common, they’re just the tip of the iceberg. You need to be prepared to explain to your clients what CBD actually is. It’s a hemp-derived product that contains almost no traceable amounts of THC so it won’t get users high. Since it’s THC-free, users can’t overdose and the exact amount a person needs depends on their tolerance. Like all supplements, CBD isn’t a miracle cure and it’s always best to speak with a doctor before you start using it.

Keep these explanations in mind and be ready to debunk these myths every day. Once you do, you’ll inspire confidence in your brand.