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Cheap Car Insurance in CT Offers Valuable Protection

Cheap Car Insurance in CT Offers Valuable Protection

It’s important that you have a valid drivers license and auto insurance each and every time you get behind the wheel of a car. For younger drivers, the cost of car insurance may often act as a deterrent, but there are carriers that sell cheap car insurance in ct that will ensure that you have at least the minimum requirement of coverage, and can legally be on the road.

What happens when you are involved in an accident?

Traffic accidents are an unfortunate part of life, and though you’re protected with an auto insurance policy, you may still have concerns about what’s going to happen to your insurance rates after you file the required claim. You’re probably worried that your rates will go up, and if so, what that amount will be, or whether or not you’ll you be canceled altogether.

There are no simple answers to these questions because the process of establishing auto insurance premiums can be very complex, and each accident is analyzed using many variables, including fault, history of accidents, moving violations and number of auto insurance claims, as well as age, type of car, and other factors.

In the event that the accident is not your fault, or if it’s the first time in which you’ve been involved in an accident (and your driving history is free of moving violations and/or insurance claims), you may not experience any premium increase. If the accident is your fault, and results in property damage only, chances are good that you won’t lose your good driver discount, but it may trigger an increase in your premium. If you’re at fault and someone is injured you’ll most likely lose your good driver discount, as well as see a premium increase in the 20-25 percent range.

Non-renewal & cancellation policy

Many insurance companies may also decide not to renew your policy if your driving record gets considerably worse or you have several auto accident claims. Different insurers look at what constitutes an unacceptable driving record differently, but there are a few incidents, such as accidents caused by drunk driving, that will in all likelihood trigger a non-renewal from virtually every insurance company. The bottom line is, always have a policy in place, and even cheap car insurance in ct will protect your automobile better than no car insurance!