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Understanding COFR


COFR is short for a Certificate of Financial Responsibility. This is a program that was established affecting all large vessels in United States waters that transport hazardous material. In the event of a spill, COFR upheld by the U.S. Coast Guard mandates that the vessel responsible must clean up the pollution caused by it.

Applying for COFR

You can apply for a COFR through the United States Coast Guard website, which provides instructions on where to go and what to fill out. Once you have made a user account, you can make changes and renew your application through COFR by the United States Coast Guard, making the process a little simpler and less of a hassle.

Failing to Abide by COFR

Any vessel registered as a COFR must follow all laws and regulations for environmental protection. If a company does not follow these laws and refuses to clean up a spill one of their vessels caused, they may be subject to heavy fines, loss of vessels and detainment. They may also be barred from docking at any U.S. ports.

Understanding how COFR affects your vessels is essential for traveling in U.S. waters. The last thing you want is to be responsible for an accident by not having the proper documentation you didn’t even know about.