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Solid Foundations for Contractors

SB One Insurance Agency

Working as a contractor can be an ideal occupation for somebody who enjoys not only working with their hands but also being part of virtually every step of planning and professionally executing the work when it comes to building and construction. With regular contracting needs for both residential and commercial properties, those in this field have a variety of opportunities from which they can choose to work. While this can be a rewarding career there are many considerations, such as obtaining a builder’s liability insurance policy, that must be addressed before work terms can even be negotiated with prospective clients. By understanding the requirements for properly conducting work in this field, contractors can set themselves up to become respected professionals who are sought out by potential clients.

Protective Measures

Depending on the type of work that will be done, it is likely that a policy such as a builder’s liability or construction general liability will be needed. SB One Insurance Agency outlines the key differences between these types of coverage plans. While general liability can protect against incidents such as lawsuits, errors and omissions, and slander, a builder’s liability policy can provide safeguards against mishaps such as the following:

  • Vandalism
  • FiresĀ 
  • Damage from vehicle or aircraft crashes
  • Hail and lightning
  • Explosions
  • Theft

To understand the type of protection you might need before getting started with any job, speaking with a qualified agent who specializes in this field is often a recommended strategy.