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Different Kinds of Insurance for Nursing Homes

Different Kinds of Insurance for Nursing Homes

Assisted living facilities can face a number of different challenges, which is why its so important to have quality insurance for nursing homes. There are many different types of insurance which can be crafted into a custom policy that protects management, workers, and residents.

Property Coverage

First of all, property insurance helps pay for the repairs or replacement of equipment, facilities, or other property in case of damage. Automobile insurance is one type of property coverage that is especially important for nursing homes, which may own private passenger vehicles or transport vans. This type of insurance can also help reimburse the facility in case of a business interruption.

Liability Insurance

Liability coverage is another important form of insurance, which can protect a nursing home and its employees in case of a lawsuit. Upset relatives and residents can sue over almost any issue, whether its grounded or not. Professional, general, and excess liability insurance can help pay for legal fees, no matter how the case is decided.

Other Types

Other forms of insurance that are important to have include coverage for a nursing homes barbers and beauticians, as well as crime insurance. Workers compensation is required by law in most cases, too.

Insurance for nursing homes comes in a lot of different forms, and its important to have a comprehensive plan to protect your facility. Your carrier should be able to create a custom coverage plan to keep your nursing home safe.