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Do Truckers Have To Follow Drive Time Regulations?

Drive Time Regulations

While there are rules on the road that every driver has to abide by on U.S. highways, commercial drivers have regulations of their own to follow. With truckers, even truck driver driving time is regulated.

Why Truckers Need Regulation

Big rigs are one of the most dangerous vehicles on the road. Although driving while exhausted is dangerous for all drivers, commercial truckers have a higher responsibility to the vehicles around them. Regulations are meant to prevent truckers from becoming extremely tired or overworked while driving. Not only does this help prevent mistakes, but it also makes the road safer.

How Truckers Must Comply

Trucker drive times are split into work periods and duty periods. The work period is like the workweek, whereas the duty period is similar to a workday. Truckers can work up to 60 hours a week and up to seven days straight. However, in order to work seven days straight, a trucker must rest for at least 34 hours before the work period.

There must be at least a 10-hour break between every workday. Once the workday begins, truckers can only work for 14 hours and only drive for 11 of those hours. After every eight hours, the trucker must take a 30-minute break. All of the breaks count against the workday.

Trucker drive time regulations help keep everyone on the road safe.