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Even Perfect Dogs Need Liability Insurance

dog bite insurance

Did you know that if your dog accidentally trips someone and you do not have dog liability insurance, you could be liable for thousands of dollars in legal and medical fees? About one-third of liability payouts under homeowners policies are for dog-related claims, and the average claim is a hefty $32,000. Consequently, many insurers have made the decision to cut pet liability limits, withhold coverage for certain dog breeds or delete coverage altogether. That’s why all dog owners need to thoroughly understand what type of coverage their current policies provide and, if necessary, seek separate dog liability insurance.

What is Dog Liability Insurance?

Also known as dog bite insurance, dog liability insurance covers medical and legal fees if your dog knocks over, scratches or bites someone or causes physical damage to property. All dogs, even perfectly behaved ones, have the propensity to cause harm. It’s common to point a finger at certain breeds or apathetic owners, but often it’s just the particular situation that causes a dog to hurt someone. That’s why it’s important to be prepared for the unforeseen.

What Does Your Existing Policy Cover?

Dog owners should contact their insurance agent to see if an existing homeowners, rental, condo or umbrella policy already provides coverage for dog-related harm. If the coverage is inadequate or lacking, a separate policy for dog bite insurance can give you and your dog peace of mine—and many more years of carefree adventures together.