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Finding Insurance for New Homeowners

New homes are always an exciting time

Buying a home is often the answer to your dreams, and if you happen to be at the stage where you’re ready to buy, congratulations graduate! You now have a place you can truly call “home,” and you’ve added a valuable asset to your portfolio.

Even if you haven’t started a family yet, you hopefully have bought a place large enough to give everyone their own space down the road, but you’ll also need to protect your new property with a homeowners insurance policy.

This important coverage is a requirement and lenders won’t allow buyers to “close the deal” until they secure it. The simple fact is that you probably won’t be able to afford to rebuild your home and replace everything in it if there were a disaster. Not only can your home insurance coverage protect your property, but also most of your personal possessions as well. It’s a policy that provides coverage in the event your property is destroyed or damaged by everything from fires and windstorms, to theft and vandalism, and much more.

Coverage for liability exposure

If someone, a friend, a neighbor, the postal worker, or even a complete stranger, happens to be injured while on any part of your property, with the right insurance coverage for homeowners, you’ll feel safe in knowing that, in the event of a lawsuit for a serious injury, you’re protected.

After all your hard work to make your dream come true, don’t let a lack of insurance, or even being underinsured, be a cause for heartache and misery. Make sure you purchase enough homeowners insurance to cover rebuilding your home from top to bottom.