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Fire, Wind and CT Homeowners Insurance

Fire, Wind and CT Homeowners Insurance

Summer is the season for spending time outdoors, and swimming pools, fire pits, and barbeques are just a few of the exciting activities everyone has been looking forward to once the nice weather rolled in. However, the most fun activities may also include some CT homeowners insurance concerns. While things may turn out smoothly and accident-free, below are a couple of summer elements and what type of insurance is required when dealing with those elements.

As more people continue building outdoor fire pits and barbeques there comes liability issues with regards to fire. For example, if a spark blows into the wind and starts your home on fire, would you be covered? The short answer is, of course, yes since most home insurance policies cover the basic peril of fire, and accidents do happen.

Fire and wind can cause major hazards

So if an ember from your BBQ pit were to cause a fire you’ll most likely be covered, still it’s a good idea to check with your local insurance agent or fire department, just in case. In most states the fire department requires that any fire pit or barbeque be installed at least 10 feet away from any structure and away from any over-hanging limbs or vegetation.

If you happen to purchase a moveable fire pit or barbeque, make sure it is made of stable and strong material on sturdy ground, and do not place your fire pit too close to other homes resulting in their being smoked out. Also, keep children and pets away from any possible tripping hazard like steps, roots or stones near the pit. Just like many people have a fire extinguisher in their kitchen, one should be kept near an outdoor cooking area as well. Summer is also a great time to have your fireplace, woodstove and furnace inspected.

Wind is another important thing to consider, especially during hurricane season. This is a good time to remember while most CT homeowners insurance policies cover wind damage (minus applicable deductible), none cover flood damage. Flood insurance is a separate policy and, sometimes after a hurricane disaster it’s difficult to distinguish if flooding caused the ensuing water damage, or if a roof was blown off, and the water damage was therefore caused by rain. Flood insurance varies by flood zone and the insurance coverage chosen.