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What Is Fleet Insurance?

Fleet Insurance

If your business owns a vehicle and uses it, you need a commercial vehicle policy. That’s as simple and straightforward as the insurance requirement for personal vehicles, even if the individual protections vary. So what if you own two vehicles? Do you need two policies, or can you combine the coverage the way you would when covering a second personal vehicle? Well, when you cover multiple commercial vehicles under one policy that has individual per-accident limits as well as lifetime policy limits, that’s fleet coverage, and it’s an essential part of managing risk for transportation companies and other businesses that need to maintain vehicle fleets.

Property Damage, Liability & More

Fleet insurance covers the same basic areas of protection as individual vehicle insurance, but in a more cost-effective way, and it also includes new areas of coverage. For example, a robust fleet policy often includes coverage for your operational facilities devoted to vehicle storage and maintenance. You can even negotiate for add-ons like roadside assistance and towing coverage, to make sure your drivers have a clear plan of action during any breakdown, accident, or roadside emergency. With that kind of robust, multifaceted risk management, it’s easier to protect your company financially while making the most of the opportunities offered by your vehicle fleet.