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Home Repair, Maintenance, and CT Home Insurance

CT Home Insurance

With winter fast approaching, homeowners should look ahead to the many things they should be doing to protect their homes from the ravages of winter. Proper planning can help to ensure a reduction in maintenance and utility costs. Any serious damage the house may have encountered can be taken care of with CT home insurance, but use these checklists to help get organized for the months ahead.


Taking inventory of any current home maintenance and improvement projects will allow a homeowner to get a handle on what needs the most attention. This will help in budgeting and planning for maximum value.


Some important tips to consider


It makes good sense to complete activities requiring a ladder on a day when the weather is nice and the ground is dry. Have a professional come out to deal with windows, siding or roofing issues, and have them check out the entire exterior for any possible additional problems. It may also be a good idea to have a technician check the heating system, and other related equipment like air cleaners, humidifiers, and heat exchanging ventilators.


Heating, insulation and ventilation concerns


  • A thorough examination of the central heating system should include:


  • Making sure all air vents are free of obstructions


  • Adjusting vents for better air circulation during the winter months


  • Testing the furnace before the weather gets to be too cold, and


  • Replacing or cleaning the furnace air filters


In addition, installing a winter cover over the air conditioning unit (or removing it for the winter and seal the opening) will help to better insulate the house and keep cold air out.


Examine the insulation for the following:


  • Make sure attic insulation is at least R30 (the greater the R-value, the more heat flow is reduced) and walls are insulated to R11


  • Make sure crawl space is properly insulated
  • Consider insulating basement walls, which along with providing savings can reduce common moisture problems caused by condensation


  • Insulate any pipes and heating ducts that run through cold unheated crawl spaces or attics, and


  • For houses built before 1950, consider purchasing cost-saving blown-in wall insulation


There are many other areas that should be inspected and repaired as necessary. CT home insurance provides many solutions, but taking care of things that can be handled without a claim will save money and keep premiums low.


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