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A Brief Guide to United States Long shore Harbor Insurance

Merrimac Marine

The United States Longshore & Harbor Act, also known as USL&H, is relevant to all maritime workers in the United States. This act covers insurance for workplace injuries for employees of some companies operating on or near the water.

What is USL&H insurance?

USL&H insurance, enacted in 1927, is a compensation system designed with maritime workers in mind. Maritime workers, as defined by Google, are “connected with the sea, especially in relation to seafaring commercial or military activity.” Typically, though not always, this means that USL&H insurance covers employees that work near or on the water in the US. As explained by Merrimac Marine, USL&H insurance benefits refer to employee injuries or illnesses that happened on or near navigable waters.

What are navigable waters?

The term navigable waters might seem broad at first, but generally, it refers to any body of water used in the past or currently used by the US for transportation and commerce purposes. A simple way to look at this is with reference to bodies of water that contain docks, wharves or piers, all of which are likely to be utilized for transportation purposes.

Understanding the qualifications and circumstances for USL&H insurance coverage is an important safety measure for any maritime worker.