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Coverage Needs for Landlords


Landlord insurance takes care of the unique risks that are present whenever you rent out your home, condo, or other investment property. Whether you choose to your own home for rental income or you have several investment properties that you are working with, carrying the right property insurance is a safeguard against the many financial risks you are facing.

Types of Coverage

Depending on what your property is classified as you will want to address specific exposures in your coverage. Whether you are using rental property insurance or investment property insurance, your coverage should address the structures on the property, the contents of any property belonging to the landlord, liability coverage, and potentially lost income coverage. Your coverage needs are similar to what is found in homeowner’s insurance, but there is an added risk whenever tenants are on the property.

Liability Coverage

One of the most popular coverage forms for any company or investment venture is general liability. This is protection from claims against damage or injury that occur on your property. Up to the policy limits, your coverage takes effect against medical costs or legal costs that arise from visitors or tenants that are injured while on your property.

Don’t just settle for liability coverage with your property. Your investment may also need loss of rent protection, business owner’s protection, or commercial auto coverage.