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The Need for Liability Coverage in a Dry Cleaners

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There are inherent risks to operations, but if you don’t fully understand what they are and how they impact your company, you could end up facing a lawsuit from a client, employee, vendor, or consumer. For that those run a laundry service, careful attention should be given the number of dry cleaning risks present.

Monitoring Harmful Chemicals

A risk management strategy that addresses on-site dry cleaning liability should include recognizing the pollution and chemical hazards of the environment. The dry cleaning process makes use of detergents and bleaches (or a combination of solvents) that are toxic to both human contact and the environment. Any kind of accident spill on the property or leaks from improper storage could contaminate the water supply. While you may not think such pervasive contamination is possible, you don’t want to take that chance.

Handling a Spill

If your dry cleaning company has an incident, such as when someone comes in contact with chemicals or a spill occurs, you may be facing a court appearance or steep fines. With an insurance policy, you can be protected for the financial liability your business has since policy can cover the cost of your legal defense and may cover any settlement funds awarded.

Your dry cleaning services has a number of risks, whether is be slips and falls or client clothing that is damaged in your care. However big the situation, strong defense starts with a comprehensive liability policy.