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Financial Assistance for Sewer or Piping Leaks

Until something goes wrong, many homeowners forget about the water that flows into the house and the wastewater that leaves through buried piping. However, when something malfunctions or a leak occurs, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to pay for the repairs and not the utility company. Since the leak usually doesn’t occur within the home, your homeowner’s insurance policy will not pay for the expense. Instead, you will need water line protection insurance if you want to save yourself thousands on the expense.

The Homeowner’s Nightmare

To fix a problem with piping takes a lot of effort by both plumbers, contractors, and even landscapers. Many homeowners try to avoid the nightmare by paying for a service plan (offered by many utility companies) that would cover damages or for a home warranty program. For older homes, the risk of problems increases. An insurance plan is the peace of mind you need when something goes wrong.

The Homeowner’s Choice

When you pay for a service plan from your utility company, you are limited in your repair options and timeline. An insurance policy gives you the freedom to choose the plumber or contractor you want for the repairs. The power of choice goes a long way in your ability to take care of your property. You don’t have to worry about the finances to make needed repairs, and you can trust the service personnel that you have hired.