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Insurance for Your Repair Facilities

Mariners Insurance

Do you have all the coverage you need for your shipyard? If you repair other people’s boats, you need to work with companies that understand the unique liabilities you take on. Like boat builders, your work necessarily exposes you to claims about the workmanship, from both your clients and members of the public affected by accidents. Mariners Insurance explains the wide range of coverage options needed to make sure you have a fully realized risk management plan. The question is, do you want to pursue all the policies you need separately, or do you want to work with a provider who can provide all the coverage you need, creating a bundled policy for all your business insurance needs.

Simplify Your Risk Management and Save

Getting comprehensive boat repairers insurance doesn’t just save you money over the cost of several individual policies, it also saves you time, allowing you to put more energy into developing your core business. That means you can focus on your customers, their vessels, and the marketing you need to put your name in front of the people who need your services. Risk management shouldn’t be something that requires a lot of hands-on involvement once it’s in place, just regular updates as your needs change. If you’re constantly balancing a galaxy of coverage providers, can you really do that?