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The FabriCare Advantage Takes the Guesswork out of Insurance

FabriCare Advantage

Every company needs insurance to protect against potential losses. People need a way to clean their clothes whether through self-service laundromats or a large, full-scale dry cleaner. Cleaning companies want to know what is FabriCare Advantage and how can it help them?

Coverage Details

As referenced on, FabriCare Advantage has coverage targeted for your laundromat, dry cleaner and restoration company. In addition to general liability, the combination policy includes Bailee, Equipment Breakdown, Pollution Liability, Business Interruption and Commercial Property. The advantages of a policy that covers the industry comprehensively cannot be understated.

Common Risks

Insurance is necessary to protect against a variety of risks unique to the industry. The company spends tens of thousands of dollars on equipment, but that equipment can break down whether through misuse or normal wear and tear. Replacing machines can be costly without insurance. With all the water and slippery detergent around, slips and falls are always a possibility of potentially causing injuries to staff or customers. Many laundromats have a serious risk of fire from all the dryer lint.

While there are steps the company can take to limit their liability, insurance helps cover those risks. So, what is FabriCare Advantage? It is your comprehensive laundromat, dry cleaner, restoration company insurance policy to protect your assets should something happen.