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Three Basic Insurance Coverages For New Businesses

Byrnes Agency Insurance

Are you looking for a business insurance company to help cover your new business venture? As you conduct your research, you’ll come across many coverage options that may or may not be necessary for your situation. Here are three fundamental coverage options that all new business owners should expect to include in their policy.

General Liability Insurance

General liability covers you in case a third party files a lawsuit claiming that they suffered property damage or bodily injury because of your business. For example, if a client sustains an injury in your office and files a lawsuit, your policy would cover your legal costs as well as any damages for which you’re found liable.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability protects you against lawsuits from a client claiming that an error or omission led to them experiencing a loss. This can take the form of a client suing you because they felt that you did not live up to an agreed-upon contract. Just as with general liability, your policy would cover your costs associated with such a claim.

Property Insurance

Just as it sounds, property insurance coverage your business property against damage and loss. Such policies usually protect against events such as fires, storms, fires and vandalism. Your policy would cover the costs to repair or replace your covered items if you were to be impacted by such an event.

Byrnes Agency Insurance is a major benefactor for business insurance coverage. Their experts can help you navigate the insurance landscape and get you the coverage you need.