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Los Angeles Insurance and Watercraft Safety

Los Angeles insurance

Long before a storm hits you should be taking steps to prepare your boat and help keep it safe. Storms can happen suddenly and have a devastating effect on watercraft moored in a harbor, so as a boat owner you need to be ready for any event and this requires planning. Ensure that you have the type of equipment you may need to prepare your boat for a storm and, to help with any repairs resulting from damage sustained, you can count on Los Angeles insurance for personal watercraft.

While we don’t experience a lot of heavy storm activity in Southern California, when you are on the water, things can be elevated in terms of dangers when rocky waters do exist.

You should do your part by monitoring the weather and any developing storms, keep duplicate copies of insurance and other vital documents in a safe place, and get to know your neighbors, who may be of assistance when things go sour.

Safety precautions every boat owner should follow

When possible, you may want to consider removing your boat from the water and moving it to a safe land location to reduce the risk of damage when a storm erupts that might affect your current location. If available, put your boat and trailer in a garage. If they must be left out in the open, there are certain steps you can follow to protect your boat from the impact of a storm.

Start by inspecting the trailer to ensure that it is in proper operating condition, and check tires (including the spare), wheel bearings, tow hitch and lights. Strip anything off that could be torn loose by a strong wind and secure the boat to a strong tree or some type of anchor. You may also want to insert wood blocks between the trailer frame and the springs for extra support with the added weight.

Once the storm is over you should venture out to see what damage your boat may have sustained, and check for any environmental conditions or hazards that may have developed. When it’s safe to do so, document and take photos of everything. Make sure you have the necessary documentation for a boat claim, including your Los Angeles insurance policy, receipts, inventory lists, photos, etc. Speak to an agent about your insurance concerns.