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Make ‘Em Laugh, Make ‘Em Look, Make ‘Em Learn While You Market

Make ‘Em Laugh, Make ‘Em Look, Make ‘Em Learn While You Market

Cutting through the clutter and cacophony of untold products and services attempting to gain a fingerhold in the conscious of every consumer (and in particular the prospective clients to whom you wish to market) is not getting any easier these days. Not only do you have the radiowaves and airwaves to compete with, the latest form of electronic communication and a new form of social media that highlights it seem to spring up every five minutes. Thus, it’s nice to know that the underlying principles of insurance marketing remain timeless: engage your audience and drive them to your firm through relevant, user-friendly communication. And to hold their attention that much longer, remember to entertain, be thought-provoking, and educational–in other words, make ’em laugh, make ’em look, and make ’em learn.

The accidental consumerist

As technology develops, the reading habits of consumers evolve along with it. This means that the whole concept of “user friendly” has a different dimension to it than it did ten or even five years ago. People are in line at the post office, the grocery store, sitting idle at the doctor’s office or the nail salon, waiting for their flight to leave, watching television, or just wanting to make the time fly by. Along the way, they’re double-screening on the mobile phones that are inevitably attached to their hands, and receptive to being entertained. This is your opportunity to do so with a message that makes them laugh. It could be small bits about the funniest claims stories to date–have a contest that lets people submit their tales–and while readers are being entertained, they are also learning a little about what is or isn’t covered.

Take it easy on them

Keep in mind that touch screens are activated by thumbs, which result in a different kind of click. That means mobile device users end up clicking all over the place before they’re actually able to click on what they intended. Make it easier on them with design features that include larger clickable elements.

Insurance marketing to attract prospects to your firm will always be a site under construction, in web parlance, but capturing people’s interest with slick, sizzling, or side-splitting tactics as they browse and thumb through their mobile devices is a must-do in this day and age.