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Cover Your Tail With Malpractice Insurance When You Move Contracts

Caitlin Morgan

If you are like most physicians and senior medical staff members, you graduated from a medical university, continued training in a specialty field, and eventually joined an existing team or office with a contract that has an inclusion of a malpractice insurance coverage within the employment terms. After a few years, you may choose to switch practices or move to a new team, but before you leave, there is something you need to make sure you do – cover your tail.

Tail Coverage Details

Malpractice tail coverage is specialty insurance created by an endorsement that can be added to a malpractice policy when it is canceled. The insurance then applies to the assertions made against the previous malpractice policy that are claims-made. According to Caitlin Morgan, the gap coverage can be purchased for anywhere from a few to 10 years in coverage length, or you can choose to have an indefinite tail that will cover in perpetuity.

Insurance Coverage Reasons

The termination of your malpractice insurance coverage automatically allows you to receive a tail coverage quote which you can accept or decline within 30 days of the first coverage cancellation date. Although you may be walking away from your place of employment, claims can follow you from that location for several years. That is why tail malpractice coverage is important for future protection.

Purchase your tail insurance from a trusted representative to make sure all the provisions you need are specified in the policy. Your broker can help you protect your future with a simple tail insurance policy.