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Marine Insurance, and Why You Need It for Your Goods in Transport

Marine Insurance, and Why You Need It for Your Goods in Transport

Marine insurance programs are available for any operation that needs to transport all kinds of goods from one destination to another—and for good reason, because so much can happen between point A and point B. Obtaining coverage for items and cargo in shipment via this policy is an excellent means of mitigating the risk associated with transport.

Policy covers a myriad of goods

The policy can offer protection stemming from the loss of, or damage or destruction to, a wide variety of property and materials while they are in transit or in the care and custody of a bailee—everything from a collection of rare books, valuable papers, or cameras, dollies and movie equipment being conveyed from the studio to a location for shooting a motion picture, to huge props, screens and samples that are en route to a trade show or convention.
Following are other examples of items in transit that coverage is often secured for:

  • Shipments sent by a supplier to a user
  • Private-party shipments from one person to another
  • Shipments from a main warehouse to a retail outlet
  • Samples for use by salespersons
  • Equipment for athletic teams
  • Small or heavy equipment for use at a contractors’ job site
  • Property that is being shipped to a fair, exhibition or convention
  • Equipment or supplies for use by fire or police departments
  • Delicate antiques and fine artwork being sent to a buyer or a museum or out to a skilled entity for conservation,
  • repair or restoration
  • Equipment of any kind that is mostly used off-site

Talk to a professional

Generally speaking, if you are moving any piece of property from one place to another, it is eligible for protection and there are a wide variety of marine insurance programs available to provide it. Speak to a professional, experienced insurance agent for guidance about this coverage and to ensure that you purchase the exact coverage and amounts that are appropriate for your needs. Your agent has access to multiple companies that offer this coverage and will be able to obtain quotes from each one for the coverage you need, so you can be sure you get a competitive price for your policy. Call today to learn more.