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Protect Your Non-profit Organization from Liability

Non-profit Organization Protection

Your non-profit organization is undoubtedly of great value to those you serve. You are there to help the needy, and you also give volunteers a way to give back to the community.

Protect Your Non-profit and Those You Serve

Your top concerns are to help people and to generate enough donations to cover the costs involved. You may not be too concerned about the volunteers, because you feel that anyone who wants to give of themselves to help others must be a good person.

Unfortunately, not all those who are willing to volunteer have a noble purpose in mind. That’s why volunteer background checks are so critical, especially for those non-profits who work with vulnerable people, such as children and the elderly. If dangerous people are allowed to get near these groups, you not only have to worry about their safety, but you could have potential liability on your hands if someone is harmed.

Background checks are an excellent way to weed out dangerous offenders, but they can’t catch every bad person. To protect your non-profit, it’s critical to obtain a comprehensive non-profit insurance policy. It will cover any legal fees if a family member seeks restitution, and it will protect your organization if a temporary shutdown is necessary.

Protect your non-profit so that you can continue to serve your community.