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3 Things To Know About Working on an Offshore Oil Rig

Offshore Oil Rig

The men and women who make a living an offshore drilling rigs are a special breed. Even though you’ve probably benefited from the black gold they pulled from the bottom of the sea, you may not know these three things about what it’s like working on an oil rig.

Dangerous Working Conditions

Heavy machinery, inclement weather, caustic chemicals, and fire risk making working on an offshore drilling rig dangerous. There are maritime insurance coverages to financially indemnify employees, but the human cost of accidents at sea can be devastating.

Helicopter Commuting Perks

The platforms are often hundreds of miles off the coast, making for a doozy of a commute. To get employees to work, oil companies provide helicopter rides. One added bonus? There’s never a traffic jam on the way to work.

Lonely Living Conditions

Getting from the shore to the rig every day just isn’t feasible, so most workers live, eat, and work with the same people for two weeks at a time. Employees are usually housed right on the rig or may be stationed in a ship nearby.

America’s oil supply depends on the men and women who are willing and able to endure the harsh conditions of the job. Working on an offshore drilling rig isn’t for everyone, but the people who do it deserve respect and admiration.