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Doing Your Part to Prevent Insurance Claims

CT home insurance policy

Insurance is a necessity and a wise safeguard against liabilities that can affect you and your home. If you are selecting a CT home insurance policy, you want one that will provide the necessary coverage at a price you can afford. In the event that you need to file a claim, nothing is worse than realizing you don’t have coverage for the event in question. To keep rates low and avoid such a situation, take steps to prevent filing an insurance claim.

Be Proactive in Protection

Many CT home insurance claims are filed every year for incidents that may have been avoidable. When you file a claim, it’s more than just an inconvenience. It can also raise your rates and cause changes to your coverage. You should take simple steps, such as the following, to prevent common claims:

  • Perform regular maintenance on plumbing and HVAC system
  • Add security features to deter theft
  • Keep your home safe from possible accidents

Partner With Your Provider

The next step you can take to prevent incidents and claims is consulting with your insurance agent to strategize what else can be done. They may have valuable feedback on minimizing the potential for claims and keeping your home as safe as possible. Give them a call to find out.