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Protect Your Pet, and Yourself, With Dog Bite Insurance

Protect Your Pet, and Yourself, With Dog Bite Insurance

Dog bites are an extremely frequent occurrence, with approximately 4.7 million people bitten each year in the United States alone. In many cases, attacks can occur without warning, and may even involved normally docile and well-behaved animals.

Insurance Coverage When You Need It Most

That’s why dog bite insurance is so important to pet owners. Having a suitable policy in place before an incident occurs can save an immense amount of money and heartache in the event of an attack. In many cases, medical treatments and legal fees can skyrocket as the result of a single incident, and these expenditures may not be covered by conventional insurance.

Dog Bites Can Be Expensive for All Involved

Statistics show that forgoing dog bite insurance can be an expensive and foolish undertaking. The injuries resulting from animal attacks total more than $400 million per year, which typically rests on the owner of the animal in question. Unfortunately, such incidents can often occur without warning, whether due to your pet encountering an unknown person, or even breaking free from enclosures and the like.

The Right Protections for Your Family

Protecting your family must entail a comprehensive insurance plan. One facet of this should include dog bite insurance for pet owners, which can be extremely useful even for a single attack. With the right protections in place, you can rest assured you will be covered no matter what.


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