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Protecting Your Temporary Staff

Staff insurance

In 2011, it was estimated that about 12 percent of the workforce was contracted to staff. In 2015, Forbes estimated that the number of contingent workers had increased to about 40 percent of the U.S. workforce. Although there is a lot of debate over how to define temporary employees, no matter what you call them, these people still need to be protected on the job. If you need staff insurance, talk to your agent to find the right policy to protect your workers. Here are some tips to help you maintain safety on the job:

  • Provide proper training, even if a staff member will only be on the job a few days
  • Work with the staffing agency to ensure the well-being of all staff
  • Make sure the contract is in compliance with OSHA standards
  • Keep proper records about injuries that occur not only to maintain records in case of a lawsuit but to be proactive and identify potential hazards and trends of accidents to prevent future injuries
  • Verify all host employers have safe workplaces before sending temporary staff out to the site

Staff insurance gives you peace of mind in case the worst happens, but it’s more important to be proactive and prevent injuries from occurring. Take steps to do your part to keep everyone safe on the job.