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Safe Summer Driving Tips and Cheap Car Insurance in CT

Safe Summer Driving Tips and Cheap Car Insurance in CT

With summer now upon us, recent weather may have affected road conditions, which means that streets may not be as smooth and easy to navigate as one might hope. An accident can happen for any number of reasons during the summer in Connecticut and responsible drivers ought to take advantage of cheap car insurance in CT, which is readily available. Preventing summer driving accidents is crucial since many car accidents result in an increase in car insurance costs.

Helpful tips to remember when on the road

Keep the following tips in mind the next time you’re traveling the roads of Connecticut:

  1. Make sure tires are road worthy – Car trips are quite common in the summer, and cars are often laden with all sorts of baggage, sports equipment, coolers, passengers, pets, and more. Before loading up, make sure your tires are properly inflated. Tire failure as a result of overloading can result in a serious accident.
  2. Stay home during stormy weather – Summer thunderstorms can pop up out of nowhere and it can be tempting to go out for a drive to better experience this phenomenon. However, you’re best advised to stay home. Summer rains make driving more dangerous, especially during the early stages of a storm when the thin coating of water and oil can make roads dangerously slick.
  3. Be cautious in flash floods – Because summer storms begin quite suddenly, this can result in flash flooding. To prevent accidents and possible damage to your vehicle, always assess how deep water is before attempting to drive through it. For your own safety, abandon the car in the event that it stalls while attempting to cross through deep water.
  4. Don’t drive too fast in hot weather – Simply put, driving too fast for too long on a hot road can eventually cause tires to blow and can result in a serious crash. In hot weather, always drive the speed limit or slower, and take frequent breaks to give your tires a chance to cool off.
  5. Pay attention at all times – Road trips create excitement that can lead to distractions. Don’t use your phone to text, and remain focused on the road, something that’s just as important in the summer as during the icy, snowy days of winter.

By driving carefully this summer, you’ll not only keep yourself, your friends, and your loved ones safe, you’ll also keep those “cheap car insurance in CT” premiums down. And who wouldn’t benefit from saving a few extra dollars?