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Safety, Security, and Hospitality Insurance Programs

hospitality insurance programs

The hospitality industry is enjoying increased revenues during the summer months when families and individuals take time to vacation and relax and enjoy a well-deserved rest from work. But they have to contend with a lot of issues, and some may even result in claims due to any number of things, such as injuries to guests, theft of belongings, and problems related to alcohol consumption.

Owners should do their best to ensure that their guests have a fun and memorable stay at their hotels, lodges, and other hospitality destinations. Insurance is, of course, a necessary part of running any successful business, and hospitality insurance programs were created to provide coverage for all of the issues related to this dynamic industry.


Tips to improve safety and security 

Guests, upon arriving, should be given all necessary information about the destination location that they’ve chosen and this includes safety warnings about any concerns that may be related to their visit. The owner can help alleviate any concerns by hiring a staff that is experienced in the hospitality industry, (or willing to learn), and do the necessary background checks of all potential employees.

There should be ongoing training of all staff members, including emergency and evacuation training, which should include control of all access points. Make sure, especially at night that all outside doors locked and can only be entered by guests in possession of key cards, and that window locks are checked regularly. Make sure that all hallways have adequate lighting, and keep all bushes and trees on the property properly trimmed.

Having security cameras on all floors, entrances, elevators, and heavily trafficked area not only keeps good records of any incidences that may occur, but also make guests feel much safer. Parking lots are prime for thefts and robbery so make sure that they are properly lit. The staff should be constantly reminded about confidentiality of room numbers and guest information, and there should be a well-communicated alcohol policy.


Tips for guests

The best agents of hospitality insurance programs offer risk management planning. As an added safety measure, you should instruct guests that they should always listen at the door before entering their room and keep the door locked at all times. Also, they should know where the exits are located on their floor in case of emergency, and never leave the hotel if they feel like someone suspicious is monitoring their activities and report this at once. If someone identifies themselves as hotel staff, have them check with front desk before opening the door to their room. Finally, warn them not to throw their key card in the trash because it contains much of their personal information from registration on the card.