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Small Businesses and Cyber Security Insurance in Carmel

cyber security insurance in Carmel

We live in a society totally dependent on the Internet with many small businesses gathering personal and confidential information on a daily basis from their customers. The security of this information is vital, but the odds of a cyber breach can be quite high since hackers are constantly online trying to break through a company’s defenses. At risk is, not only client info, but also includes their own sensitive information regarding personnel, and there is a lot at stake should this data fall into the wrong hands.

Without the proper safeguards in place, businesses under attack are likely to suffer a data breach exposing a lot of sensitive information, disrupting operations, exposing them to reputational damage, and the costs to repair the damages. Without cyber security insurance in Carmel, they will probably suffer significantly, while opening the door to expensive lawsuits to defend against claims.

Cyber security an absolute must for small businesses

The majority of data breaches occurring today happen to many small and mid-sized businesses. Nearly 40% of all attacks are aimed at small businesses, primarily because these smaller firms lack the resources for cyber security. Over 70% of small business owners will admit that they lack confidence in cyber security measures being implemented. While this may be alarming, the fact is that as many as 65% of business owners have not purchased cyber insurance, even though they feel they may be at risk of a data breach.

Some small business owners believe that a data breach shouldn’t be considered a great concern. Many feel that the current protections that they have in place are sufficient, or that the information in their possession isn’t worthy of thieves. In reality, cyber criminals often see small businesses as prime targets. To most hackers, it’s very easy to find a way into these systems and steal data from their files.

If an employee happens to open an email containing a damaging virus, one that spreads itself to everyone on his or her contact list, this will require cyber security insurance in Carmel to help handle the fallout. Your clients deserve to be protected against such invasion of their personal information. As a business owner you need cyber security insurance because it’s the best protection that money can buy.