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Strict Guidelines and Insurance For Vegan Food Manufacturers

insurance for vegan food manufacturers

Vegan food production facilities require comprehensive coverage designed for them. The diverse exposures faced by plant-based manufacturers demand an insurance expert who understands the intricacies of the lifestyle and how to properly insure against the various exposures that arise. This requires working with a firm and an insurance agent who is committed to their mission to bring high-quality, cruelty-free food items to the marketplace. Whether we’re talking about cashew cheese or eggless meringue, vegan food manufacturers aim to protect and preserve the ethical edibles they sell.

 Liabilities in food preparation

When it comes to food preparation, there are the liability risks inherent in any company, aside from food contamination and food-borne illnesses, such as slips and falls occurring to individuals other than employees, and the possibility of third-party property damage that can result in a claim being lodged against your enterprise.

As a vegan food manufacturer, you have additional liability risks in areas such as product recall. For example, improper labeling of an item intended for vegan consumption may be the cause for a product recall if it mistakenly contains an item unsuitable for vegans. This can be a real concern, as it would affect the integrity of the product. Other product recalls might, for instance, involve foods that contain undeclared soy and nut allergens. The vegan diet is a very strict one and all ingredients must be properly inspected before being introduced to stores and restaurants that proclaim to be purely vegan.

The vegan market is such that it requires diligence by all suppliers as to the nature of the products being introduced for vegan consumption. This is why insurance for vegan food manufacturers is essential in the event that a lawsuit is filed for negligence, both in the producing of food substances and the safety of those establishments serving food and other ingestible items.