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Winterizing in the Summer

Summertime is drawing to a close, and even though there is still some good weather left to enjoy, it’s time to think about getting your boat ready for the winter. Start looking over your girl and seeing what you can do to prepare her before wintertime rolls in.

Update Your Insurance Policy

If you only use your boat for a few months out of the year, your watercraft liability can change. You want it to be protected from the elements and from other water vessels, but the plans can vary if there are no people on board. According to Arroyo Insurance Services at
ility/, your boat might even qualify for Marine Liability insurance. Contact your insurance agency and discuss options.

Fluids and Oils

You change the oil on your car on a regular schedule, you need to be sure that you do the same in your boat. She’s a much larger engine, but the principles are similar. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, you can hire a boat repair specialist to take a look for you.

Sparkling Clean

Your vessel has collected a lot of buildup during her time in the water. Give her a good pressure washing and get rid of any barnacles, seaweed or any other nastiness. Make her shine by giving her a waxing.
You can enjoy your boat for a few more weeks, but summertime comes and goes quickly. Prepare your boat for winter while the sun is still in the sky and the weather cooperates!

Caitlin Morgan: Three Key Liability Insurance Coverages For Manufacturers

Owning a manufacturing company comes with a variety of risks. To protect yourself against these risks, it’s important that you carry the appropriate amount of insurance. From general liability to pollution liability insurance, here are three key liability coverages that you should carry as a new business owner.

General Liability

As the name implies, general liability insurance is broad insurance protection for your day-to-day business activities. If a third party were to sustain an injury or property damage because of your business, your policy would be there to protect you in case of any lawsuits.

Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance is there to protect you in situations where a third party claims that an error or omission on your part led to them experiencing a loss. This is a risk you face whether you manufacture products for end-users or suppliers. Whether the claim is real or not, defending yourself can be costly and your policy will be there to cover your related expenses.

Pollution Liability

Pollution liability insurance protects you against claims from third parties claiming that they sustained an injury or property damage because of pollution from your business. Funds from your policy can also be used to make purchases that help limit pollution.

Signing up for insurance can get overwhelming for new business owners. Work with an experienced agent to ensure that you get the right coverage for you

Umbrella Insurance: Top Reasons To Have It

Humans are known to make mistakes. You may think you’re covered with your home, auto, boat and other insurance coverages. But you may need additional personal liability insurance. Here are some scenarios where a personal umbrella policy can help cover your risks.

High Net Worth

One of the top reasons to invest in personal umbrella insurance is if you have a high net worth. Individuals with assets exceeding that covered by their home or auto policy can be responsible for paying out of pocket over that amount when sued.

Small Business Owners

If you own a small business, you should plan for the worst. A commercial umbrella policy extends beyond a commercial general liability policy to protect the business assets.

Dog Owners

If you own an aggressive dog breed such as a Rottweiler, you may need a personal umbrella policy. Some homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover dog breeds known to bite people.

Recreational Equipment

Owning a treehouse, pool or trampoline increase your personal liability. Depending on your homeowners insurance policy, these high-risk items may not be covered by the policy. If someone is injured while playing or working around these structures can put you at risk.

If any of these scenarios apply to you, it may be time to talk to your insurance agent about personal liability insurance. One lawsuit can wreak havoc on your personal finances.