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The Importance of Water Drilling Insurance

Drilling for water is often necessary to access and establish both private and municipal water supplies. Whether you’re going through rocky ledge or soft ground, drilling anywhere from a couple dozen to several hundred feet may be required to access reliable and safe drinking water. Practicing water drilling safety is essential for companies in the business — as is carrying sufficient water drilling insurance, to both protect a company’s assets, and its clients.

What Risks Arise When Drilling For Water?

Water drilling often takes place in undeveloped areas — sometimes in uniquely overgrown sites, through soil and ledge. Numerous hazards may arise in the process, including:

  • Not hitting water, or needing to drill much farther than expected
  • Damaging power or water lines, or other infrastructure in the vicinity
  • Damaging drilling equipment on rocks or other unexpected sub-surface materials
  • Leaks, spills, and other pollution risks
  • Injuries to drill workers

The dangers above, and other hazards, mean that companies in the industry must carefully exercise water drilling safety, and train employees in responsible use of equipment.

Carrying sufficient water drilling insurance to protect against possible liabilities is also essential for businesses in the industry. Speaking to an experienced insurer today will help ensure your business is well-covered, and that accidents in the drilling process can be safety handled by your company.