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Time to Dust Off Your Insurance Policies

Connecticut life insurance company

As you spruce up your home during spring cleaning, don’t forget to air out your insurance policies, too. It’s a good time to dust them off and consider whether you need to make any changes by contacting your Connecticut life insurance company.

What’s New?

The first thing to consider is how your life has changed since you last reviewed your policies. Here are some questions that can help you decide if you need to amend your coverage:

  • Family: Did you get married, have a child or send one to college? Review your life, home and health insurance.
  • Home: Did you move into a new house or apartment? Update your home or renter’s insurance. Did you move from the big city into a rural area or vice versa? Then your coverage needs have changed.
  • Car: Did you buy a new car, sell or donate one? Do you have one that’s not running and won’t be for a while? Consider dropping insurance on a car that’s up on blocks.
  • Possessions: Did you inherit or buy some jewelry or property? Consider insuring them.

Making Adjustments

Those are the big questions and you can see that some areas overlap. Once you start thinking about changes in your life, contact your Connecticut life insurance company, because it’s likely you need to make changes in your insurance, too.